Unwillingness to change is the main problem.

Many of us say we would like to change, or to be more loving, or more enlightened. People who are committed to their spiritual life tell us this all of the time. But what people do not realize is that the ego is “unwilling to change,” and we live in the world of the ego much of the time. Unwillingness seems to rule us.

What would it take to let go of grievances we hold from our past? A Course in Miracles clearly states, “Love holds no grievances.” This is Lesson #68, a pivotal Lesson in the Holy Spirit’s correction of our wrong thinking. But people are stuck. No matter how much they are told that forgiveness liberates them, they seem unwilling to let go of their grievances.

We give people the “Forgiveness Test” in our Liberation Breathing Sessions and Seminars. 10 = Complete forgiveness; 0= No forgiveness. People get very low scores on parents, x-lovers, and even on themselves! This is the problem. People are unwilling to forgive. Not that they “can’t,” but they “won’t.”

For example, Markus gave a great talk about the fact that if you don’t forgive you will not be free. You will not be liberated. His talk was so good that I thought everyone would GET IT.  I was really surprised however, when after the training, a female who took the training came to us for a private session.

I decided to check her forgiveness levels again and they were still VERY LOW.  I wondered, “How this could be?” Did she not even hear Markus’ talk?

Then I realized  that even though people hear a truth, that does not mean they APPLY it.  She was not applying what he said. So therefore this is the unwillingness we are talking about.

Give Peace A Chance

Unwillingness to change

I think of that line from a John Lennon song, “All we are saying, is give peace a chance.” What does it take to “give peace a chance?” Grievances block the peace. Un-forgiveness held from the past blocks the peace. Criticism of your partner blocks the peace. These are all forms of unwillingness.

Because we feel some part of our past was a “martyrdom” for our present, and we sacrificed greatly to get to where we are now, we don’t want to let go of these grievances. We suffered so much to get here, how can we possibly forgive the whole thing, even ourselves, and see that we caused our own suffering? We are unwilling to see that we were the “cause” of any suffering we experienced. We like to blame something outside of ourselves as the culprit of our suffering. We are unwilling to see this differently.

OK. What is the “way out?”

The way out is to realize that a humble person recognizes his errors,  admits them, and is willing to do something  about them. Do you want to be a humble person?  Then I have just given you the formula. Markus talks about his teacher mentioning the LOVE OF CORRECTION.

Well that is a wonderful thing. If you love correction, you will  become enlightened. If you are afraid of correction, then you will get stuck.

There is a way out. Open up to correction and don’t defend yourself. Forgive everything. Let go of grievances. Stop blaming, even yourself.

GIVE PEACE A CHANCE instead of hanging on to unwillingness.