Location: Keflavik, Iceland

This is a week-long Liberation Breathing® Intensive with Sondra Ray in the incredible Thermal Waters of ICELAND.

It offers Sondra’s “Liberation Technique” of breathing in the thermal waters of the Divine Mother. Iceland offers its magical vibration of volcanic magnetism to this adventure of the spirit, and its stunningly beautiful landscape of lava rock and rugged coastline. In the land of the midnight sun you will be charged and cleansed by Liberation Breathing® in the most incredible natural thermal waters in the world. Join Sondra Ray and her husband Markus in this week of honoring your real self and clearing away anything in your mind preventing you from experiencing the “glory of existence” that is your birthright.

Join SONDRA RAY in this rejuvenating week long retreat of Liberation Breathing® from the Divine Mother, at the source of famous Icelandic thermal waters.

This training offers Sondra’s deep knowledge of healing she has acquired for over 30 years of teaching worldwide, helping people liberate themselves from illnesses of mind & body. Thousands have received inspiration and healing from Sondra’s books on rebirthing, relationships, and spiritual practices she has pioneered for over three decades. This retreat promises a intensive time with Sondra in daily classes and supported sessions of Liberation Breathing® in the thermal waters of ICELAND. It promises the beauty and awesome wildness of Iceland’s volcanic wonders.

DEPOSIT of $1000 (non refundable/ non-transferable)

Total Costs: Pending