Sondra Ray 


Sondra Ray, author of nineteen popular books on the subjects of rebirthing, relationships, spirituality and healing, has formed a new expression of conscious connected breathing that liberates the mind from the past memories of birth trauma and negative thoughts that sabotage our life. Liberation Breathing® is the new yoga of our time….getting us in touch with our SOURCE faster than any other spiritual practice. Sondra Ray heads the team of practitioners worldwide who have spent years mastering the healing power of the breath, and who have surrendered to the Life Force of the Divine Mother.

Sondra is a master of teaching the truth about relationships. She wrote the Loving Relationships Training in the 1970’s and it has been taught internationally ever since, helping thousands of people get clear on the dynamics of relationships. Her high road to practical enlightenment brings clarity to the cause and effect of thought, and the importance of cleansing the mind of “negative thoughts” that inevitably lead to death. Her teaching and books on immortality have posed the possibilities of spiritual healing and the extension of health and life by the power of one’s mind…and the powerful forgiveness process of Liberation Breathing®.

For anyone interested in being all they can be, and ascending the ladder of holiness to their immortal Self, Sondra Ray is an effective guide and mentor in these times of great change and transition. She offers seminars and retreats all over the world, and is available anytime for private Liberation Breathing® sessions over SKYPE.

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Markus Ray


Markus Ray studied art at the Cleveland Institute of Art, and Tyler School of Art of Temple University in Philadelphia where he received his Master of Fine Arts degree in 1982, and maintained a studio there until 2008. He became a rebirther in 1987 and travelled with Sondra Ray to India in 1987 and 1989. In 1989 Mark met his teacher, Tara Singh, and studied A Course in Miracles with him for seventeen years. You can join Sondra and Markus’s “Miracles For You: 1-Year Support Network for A Course in Miracles.” Click Here for Registration in “Miracles for You.”

Partner of Sondra Ray, Markus assists her on the Liberation Breathing® Team. He also maintains an artistic career and continues to paint during the workshops all over the world. See his paintings on his website:

Markus writes as well as paints,  and currently authored three new books with Sondra Ray. He writes articles at and completed a volume of verse and paintings called Odes to the Divine Mother.

Markus is the Creative Partner of Sondra Ray and He co-ordinates Sondra Ray’s worldwide schedule of events, workshops and retreats.

Recently Markus works at where he offers originals and Giclee reproductions of completed paintings of Babaji, the Divine Mother, Jesus and other holy subjects.  He has also created an online art magazine: “Art Look” —an art lover’s companion— You can subscribe to it on his Home Page and receive a free Min-E-Book: Art Look: How to Live Better With Art.

Certified Liberation Breathing® Practitioners display this LOGO: