Babaji, also named Sri Sri 1008 Bhagwan Herakhan Wale Baba, is an immortal maha avatar and yogi master (“avatar” means ‘descent of the Divine into matter’ without being born of a woman) babaji is an emanation of Divine Light, who, out of compassion , manifested in human form on earth to urge humanity to progress on the path of truth, simplicity, love and service to mankind. He is the power of the Eternal Father, Mother and Divine Child. He can assume any form He wishes and can change that form at any time. He is known as the historical Sada Shiva in Hindu religious literature. In fulfillment of ancient scriptural and prophetic predictions, He materialized a youthful body in a cave near the village of Hairakhan in the foothills of the Himalayas in l970. There are Indian devotees who tell stories of this, and Yogananda wrote about him in the book Autobiography of a Yogi.

Babaji was accessible for 14 years on his last visit in that body. And yet He has not left, because He does not come and go. He was, and is, omnipresent. His form is limitless and beyond the scope of time. He is the essence of all religions and transcends every belief. He teaches through vibrations and direct experience in a way that words can not express. To try to explain him on paper seems very inadequate. To be with Him or experience Him answers all questions. It is my humblest desire to make it known to you that he is just as available for you and for all as He is for me.

Babaji has been with us in form countless times since life began. Some of his lifetimes are well known–Shiva, Ram, and Krishan for example. In other lifetimes, he was known to relatively few. Jesus is said to have visited Babaji in Benares, during Jesus’ travels and studies in the East. It was there that Babaji shaved Jesus’ head and blessed Him before Jesus started His ministry. In many sacred texts it was written that, when righteousness declines, God creates for Himself a body and comes to live on Earth. Since Babaji can assume any form he wishes and change that form anytime, it is no problem for him to bi locate and be in two places at the same time. Shastriji, his high Priest, also told me Babaji can even take l08 different bodies at once. Since He is the power of both the Eternal Father and Mother, he can also take a form of a female; and in l984 after having taken conscious samadhi, he appeared to me as a woman , walking on air! Since he is an Immortal Spirit Avatar, who has the ability to dematerialize and rematerialize, he can obviously turn his body into a ball of light and travel anywhere in the universe. His physical body changes rapidly partly because he processes his devotees’ karmas rapidly. He can also drop a body whenever he feels like for whatever purpose. He always has a sense of humor, and on Valentines Day l984, he said “I am going to explode my heart and give a piece to everyone” The last thing he said is “I am going to leave everything in the hands of the Divine Mother”. He has appeared to me several times since then, even when I was awake. to remind me that he was not dead… If you see him in a dream, he actually came to you and gave you a darshan, as it is impossible to make it up.

For the present, life goes on as usual at his ashram in Haidakhan. His presence is everywhere, since it does not matter what form his presence takes. As soon as we are mentally connected with a Supreme Power like Babaji, our mind is absorbed in God and we are filled with Divine Glory He taught that through the practice of Karma Yoga (work dedicated to God) man purifies and protects himself. “Work is Worship” he said and “An Idle man is like a dead man” He always said that the simplest and most powerful method for bringing peace and understanding to the mind is through the sing of the mantra Om Namaha Shivai. (“I take refuge in God” or “I surrender to Shiva, that part of God that destroys my ignorance” . It also means “Infinite Spirit, Infinite Being, and Infinite Manifestation.”)

Being around him in the body was very dramatic. However, one of his astounding Lilas is his power to bless and guide yogis and devotees all over the world without his actual presence. While Babaji was physically present with us, and while we would be standing right there with him, he would also be busy all over the world at the exact same time! The glory of Him is so much greater than the mind can ever grasp. At times when he walked, he left no footprints ; and if some picked him up he at times had no weight. Other times he could not be lifted at all. No scholar has ever been able to really say where Babaji comes from or where he goes.

From time to time certain symbols appeared on the soles of his feet, which are known in the Indian spiritual tradition as cosmic marks. Over the years, the following marks have been identified: The sanskrit letter Om/the Shesh Nag or five hooded snake/conchshells/a Trident/head of a bull/a peacock/a lotus flower/a Chackra/the crescent moon/all signs of the Zodiac/the serpent representing wisdom and eternity/the sun/an octagon/an eagle/and the whole planetary system. These cosmic marks fulfill the predictions delivered long ago that when Shiva was next to appear in human form, he would have the symbols and a scar on his lower right leg and upper left arm, (which he did have Babaji’s spiritual significance has always been beyond comprehension. “Shiva’ means eternally happy and auspicious, the God without second who has been moving in this world in His form since Creation, watchful for eternity over the welfare of mankind and the universe. He is described as ever pure, changeless, all pervading, eternal, the immortal essence of the universal Self, the self resplendent light of Lights, the embodiment of wisdom, capable of doing anything at any moment of whatever magnitude.

Babaji said:
“I am Bhole Baba, the Simple Father. I am nobody and nothing. I am only like a mirror in which you see yourself. I am like fire. Don’t keep too far away or you will not get the warmth; but don’t come too near, or you will burn yourself. Learn the right distance. My name is Maha Prabhuji, the Great Lord. I have come to give. Are you ready to receive? I give everything, but few ask for the real thing I have come to give. I am no one’s guru, and yet the guru of gurus.”

About Hiadakhan, he said:
“This is the holiest religious place in the world , holier even than Benares. The water is this river purifies you from all sins. It is the birthplace of all yogis and the deity of Yogis as the source of inspiration. By merely sitting here you reap the results of hundreds of lifetimes of penance. Those who live here for some time automatically get many kinds of yogic powers. Those who have darshan at this place will have all their wishes fulfilled. There will be assurance of complete success. But only he can come here in whose life a turning point has come, when the spiritual energy is rising.”

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Babaji said “My love is available, you can take it or not” I say “Why not?”
We need all the help we can get right now.” He helps to clear your karma, he helps you keep your ego in check, He helps you get off the birth-death cycle, He helps teach you spiritual mastery, He helps get you out of misery, He helps you to protect yourself, He helps you learn to clear your body and maintain health, He enhances your creativity, He arranges “lilas” for you that lead you to total liberation! You will never be the same! Of course the value you get will be determined by your own personal purification.

Babaji says:
Haidakhan Viswa Mahadam (Babaji’s ashram) is at present the holiest religious place, holier even that Benares. The water of this river, Gautama Ganga, purifies you from all sins. Haidakhan is the birth place of all yogis and the deity of yogis as the source of inspiration. Bymerely sitting here, you reap the results of hundreds of lifetimes of penance. Those who have darshan at this place will have all their wishes fulfilled, both material and spiritual desires. They will have assurance of complete success.”
Bhole Baba Ki Jai!

Sondra Ray