The Miracle Consciousness Training©

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Sondra and Markus have 50 years of experience as spiritual teachers of A Course of Miracles along with other spiritual teachings. Their method of Liberation Breathing®/Rebirthing is a gentle, but powerful breathing technique designed to release negative thoughts and blocks. You will learn how you can use your breath in order to release all the potentials you have in your life – and you will see miracles happen!

“Miracles are everyone’s right, but purification is necessary first.” ACIM Principle of Miracles #7

“YOUR BRIDGE to MIRACLES” is YOUR MIND with a new Thought System!

Would you like to learn what a miracle is anyway?

It starts with a change of a thought. It starts with a declaration of everyone’s innocence in a THOUGHT SYSTEM of JOY. We currently use a “thought system of problems and conflicts” — and seldom see that it is our own thought system that makes up these problems before they even happen! This thought system contains guilt, blame, victimhood, fear, anger and negativity. There is another thought system that we can choose. The thought system of immortal life that transcends these negative thoughts we have about ourselves and others — into a thought system of well-being, joy and trust.

We study A Course in Miracles which make these things very clear. It says Miracles are natural—and if they are not happening in your life, something has gone wrong. With Liberation Breathing® we look at our thoughts that are causing our problems — and then forgive them and breathe them out of our mind and body. Then we have a NEW MIND that is more attuned to love, and less clogged up with thoughts and memories of problems.

At the workshop Sondra and Markus Ray will teach from the Course in Miracles, about various Spiritual Masters, and we will have different processes – both individual and in the group – and lots of breathing together!