The Prime Creator or Original Spark of Creation is a feminine aspect. Therefore the Divine Mother is Supreme. She is beyond everything. Beyond the Beyond. In India they say that there is nothing higher than worship of the Divine Mother. The great Saint Sri Aurobindo said that surrender to the Divine Mother is the final stage of perfection. When Babaji took Samadhi, the last thing he said is ³I am leaving everything in the hands of the Divine Mother.² When we talk about the Divine Mother we are referring to the Intelligence behind matter. Einstein was tapped into that. The Divine Mother as the Supreme Deity is the source of all knowledge. All the male gurus I admire so much in India know this. It is the secret of their power. We are talking about true power here: Love, Safety and Certainty, not ego power (domination control and anger).

This is the painting of the Divine Mother I commissioned many years ago for my apartment. It was painted by Babaji’s temple painter in a little hut outside of Seattle. To hear Her story, this video mentions how She came about in my life:

When people surrender to the Divine Mother extraordinary changes take place. When you explore the Goddess energy, you truly value life! The essence of the life force (shakti) cannot be controlled. The Divine Mother as kundalini will clean you out. She is the true release from delusion. With Her, your old personality is replaced by miracle consciousness.

The greater your devotion to her, the faster your progress! It is due to her we can achieve true happiness. It is due to her transcendent nature and personification of intelligence that matter is created. Everything we possess is a gift from the Mother. When we surrender to Her, the intelligence of the whole universe is our teacher. We get the urge to bring forth the inexpressible into manifestation. We remember the ecstasy of being alive! Our bodies can become instruments through which the feminine aspect plays.

Tapping into the Divine Mother in a balanced way can produce Regeneration, Restoration and Renewal. That is why the Divine Mother asked me to use the term “Sacred Renewal Breathwork” now for my healing modality. During these crucial times ahead, everything must be taken to the next level where new paradigms are needed. The Divine Mother Vibration needs to be emphasized now like never before, since we can see by our results in the world how out of balance we actually are. The sacred feminine has been so suppressed for so long that we have lost touch with our true essence.

In each of us there is a masculine side and a feminine side. The model of the universe in which a male God rules the cosmos serves to legitimize male control in social institutions. But we cannot merely reject the system that is not working. It must be replaced. Nor would it work to replace the system with the Matriarchy. Historically, peace was produced when men and women ruled together as equals, worshipping the Divine Mother together. No one dominated anyone. Refer to The Chalice and The Blade by Renee Eisler.

The way of the Goddess is one of natural Law and Wisdom. When people object to this, thinking that the Goddess is pagan, heathen and so on, they miss the fact that her influence is regenerative, life enhancing and extremely beneficial. If everything is stuck, only she is moving. When necessary and called and prayed for, the Mother will transform into Kali, and with her force, consume and devour everything not pure. Those who lay their consciousness at her feet and trust her unconditionally will realize her form as Jagadambe, the Mother who gives birth and life to the whole universe. She in her ultimate love for her creation is the ultimate source of help. If we surrender to Her, we surrender to the Universe that knows what it is doing!

The Goddess is love combined with power. She is the part of ourselves that is nurturing; that shows kindness, tenderness, cooperation, and encouragement. She softens our heart. When you chose communion with God in BOTH ASPECTS (Father and Mother), you will finally know peace and joy unbounded and love fully expressed. The more balanced you are, the deeper your relationships can be to human beings.

In India they say that only the Divine Mother can grant the ³boon² (reward) of Physical Immortality. Wouldn’t you like to transcend aging, disease, disintegration and even the death of your body? The Mother can grant this transfiguration. It IS possible to restore our body to the original Divine Blueprint and perfection of Divine Self. One can ascend out of a distorted pain-racked body into a radiant physical body! At this very moment, your life is reflecting what you believe to be true about yourself. The Divine Mother is available to YOU. You can manifest limitless physical perfection through every cell and organ of your body. You are being given the awesome privilege of assisting humanity through this birthing process. Let go of your old obsolete belief systems. Let the Divine Life Force roar through you!

Oh Divine Mother.
Let my every action
Be a Worship of You
Let every sound falling from my lips
Be a chant of your great mantra

Here is what my Master Babaji said:

The Great Power, that is the cosmic Maya, The Supreme Divine Energy, the Mother Goddess embodies the totality of all that is to be known, being the combined divine Grace-Energy of the Goddess Maha Kali, Maha Lakshmi, and Maha Saraswati. To Worship the lotus feet of the Universal Goddess in this form gives human life its highest realization.

He praised Shastriji, his High Priest for writing the great book Shri Haidakhand Sapta Sati. It is my great pleasure to share some of his verses here.

In honor of Shastriji:

Salutations to You, Mother of the Universes
We bow to You who lives in them forever
Through all the ages. Your form is beyond
The decay of time, inherent in everything.
You are immortal. You are beyond being known
Of unfathomable mystery.
Great Mother we bow to You

You always reside in the heart of all beings as their own self.
As Maya, the cosmic illusion, you adorn life with the
Most beautiful glow. You are ever present in your divinity as
Supreme knowledge. You are the Ultimate Point in the Infinity
Of Cosmic Space. As the universal Self, You shower
The rain of divine Nectar on the world and let the rain of
Bliss drowns all the fears of this world.

No one can ever dream to count
The Jewels at the bottom of the ocean
And even a gifted poet cannot describe
The brilliant splendor of the sun
In this way, Bliss-bestowing Mother of the Universe
Who in this world is able
To tell the tale of Thy Magnificence and Glory?

Out of affectionate love for those who love Thee
Thou givest Thy Holy Vision to their eye
Thou bringest forth a blissful stream of nectar
Which like the Holy Ganga
Cleanses the world of all its sins.

(To you Shastriji, I bow, before your indescribable Glory, as a fount of all knowledge. May everything I write be something beautiful for God and to honor you and the Divine Mother.)

Sondra Ray!