What is Liberation Breathing®/Rebirthing?

Liberation Breathing®/ is a breathing process that increases your ability to feel and resolve the effects of your past. It uses the principles of Rebirthing and adds the benevolent energy of Divine Mother, the Life Force of the universe, to aid you in the release of your past. The result is an increase in the level of physical and spiritual energy in our body, thus cleansing the many tensions held there. Often long held subconscious memories of trauma rise to the surface of the mind to be observed and forgiven. By learning to breathe consciously and fully, you can discover and release these negative thoughts and memories causing you pain and distress.

Using a deep connected breath for approximately one hour, Liberation Breathing® helps you release stress and tension from the body. It helps you see the thoughts responsible for your problems, and provides a means to let them go. Throughout the process, you can access and release stored negative emotion, and embrace the awareness of Love, which is what you truly are. Liberation Breathing® opens the body’s energy channels and accelerates the flow of creativity and intuition.

Liberation Breathing® gives you a relationship with your breath and the power of the breath as a healing function of the body. Circular or conscious connected breathing is normal, but is often suppressed by the emotions and events of the past. The facilitator aims to support students in using the breath to ground themselves safely in their body during emotional and physical releases and spiritual insights. The Divine Mother is invoked to aid us in this mental, physical and spiritual transmutation.

There are definite physiological benefits to Liberation Breathing®. Since 70% of body toxins and waste are eliminated through breathing, it supports us to breath fully and freely. Liberation Breathing® also raises the blood’s alkaline level, a result sought by many health disciplines. Liberation Breathing® rejuvenates the cells and skin. Another health benefit is that breathing in more oxygen increases the oxygen levels in your blood. Oxygen is a natural pain reliever. An added benefit of conscious connected breathing is that the increased oxygenation contributes to the release of tension and freedom from negative thoughts and memories. By neutralizing these thoughts with the breath, the Liberation Breathing® discipline greatly increases your ability to experience greater peace of mind and happiness.

Why is it called Liberation Breathing®?

Originally, Rebirthers discovered that subconscious memories could be accessed through deep circular breathing, in many cases all the way back to birth. Leonard Orr was the founder of this powerful modality of mental/ physical and spiritual purification.  While working in the 1970’s with Leonard Orr, I discovered the tremendous impact birth had on people’s lives, and wrote a book about this called Birth and Relationships.  Rebirthing has since undergone many changes to become a more holistic process, addressing our entire life experience. The word “Rebirthing” means coming into a new life liberated from the past. As one of the first Rebirthers, I saw how people’s birth scripts affected their relationships. Most people have experienced some degree of birth trauma, and this negative memory got projected onto their future experience. I made a study of this in my book Birth and Relationships. People often remembered major aspects of their birth, and saw how their pre-verbal decisions made at birth and in early childhood affected their whole life and relationships. They could breath out these memories and make new decisions. They could liberate themselves from their past. They could accept forgiveness as the master eraser of all thoughts and memories that caused all their problems. This is why we now call Rebirthing, Liberation Breathing®. And the Divine Mother gives us all the added help we need to realize our total Liberation from conflict and suffering in this lifetime.

What is a session like?

Every session with a Liberation Breathing® Facilitator involves a consultation and breath session. Initially, you discuss what you know about your birth, your childhood, your family patterns, and how they may be affecting your life. Your Facilitator will discuss with you your current issues from the perspective of uncovering the thoughts and memories responsible for your present results. All pain and suffering is a result of these “unforgiven”, therefore non neutralized thoughts and memories. As you breath out these thoughts, turning them over to Divinity, they are neutralized and rendered harmless. You will then feel liberated from your own past, and notice incredible gratitude and joy in the present. Transmutation of negative thoughts is the main function of Liberation Breathing® from the Divine Mother. The Facilitator invokes the transmutation by also taking responsibility for these negative thoughts and memories, and asking the help of the Divine Mother through a recitation of certain prayers to Her. At the end of the session, you may share any thoughts brought up during the breathing. Your Facilitator will offer insights and affirmations to help you change your mind about your life.

Why would I need a Liberation Breathing® Facilitator?

A Liberation Breathing® Facilitator is well trained to guide and support your breathing in a way that enables you to process what occurs during the session. They will compassionately support you through emotional releases, through thoughts and memories that may surface, and through physical sensations that you may experience while breathing. Your Facilitator is well versed at helping you trace complex issues in your life back to their origins as thoughts in your subconscious mind causing them. Helping you become aware of these thoughts and memories, A Liberation Breathing® Facilitator will support you in forgiving your past and finding new solutions and Divine strength within yourself to make a lasting and positive change. This always involves a change of mind. The help of the Divine Mother is always available to assist you in this change.

How do I begin?

In the first level of Liberation Breathing® or Rebirthing, it is recommended that you choose a trained Facilitator for a series of ten private sessions. The purpose of this is to build a trusting relationship with your Facilitator long enough to realize and integrate the new insights you will receive from the process. For the second level, it is recommended that you complete another series of ten sessions with a different Facilitator, usually of the opposite sex to your first. The ideal scenario would be to complete ten sessions with a female Facilitator and ten sessions with a male Facilitator, if possible. Then you are ready for wet rebirthing, as described above. As you grow and awaken in the breathing process, you can also attend Liberation Breathing® Intensives and become a Facilitator yourself.

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