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What is Liberation Breathing®?

Liberation Breathing® is a Conscious Connected Breathing Process that Restores Your Mind and Body to Health and Wellness
Sondra Ray with Markus Ray

Liberation Breathing® is a modern way of taking in more Life Force. It is easy and simple. It is the quickest way I know to clear you of your negative thoughts and memories that are consciously and unconsciously limiting your life. A well trained practitioner of Liberation Breathing® can save you years of struggle… and bring you to decisions that will alter your life always for the better… liberating you from the past. Through Liberation Breathing® you can reclaim your power to be the ruler of your destiny. No longer will any circumstances be “beyond your control”, as you invite the Divine into your life to forgive and erase the past, and inspire you to be your Self.

Liberation Breathing® recognizes the power of your breath to transform you, and brings a new awareness of your true Identity. Yoga masters knew from ancient times the breath as the most essential part of human life, connecting us to the Life Energy behind all matter. They called this energy Prana. Liberation Breathing® is a modern day version of Pranic breathing that gets you in touch with who you are, free of problems and the cause and effects of Karma.

A Private Liberation Breathing Session takes about 1 & 1/2 hrs. and consists of the following:

  1. INTERVIEW and clearing on your birth script, “personal lie”, family dynamics, relationship status quo, etc.
  2. LIBERATION BREATHING in the upper chest, conscious and connected, deep circular breathing.
  3. READING OF THE 108 DIVINE MOTHER NAMES toward the last 10 Minutes of the breathe.
  4. RECITING OF THE DM MANTRA 108 times on the mala beads with client on their side.
  5. COMPLETION AND OFFERING OF AFFIRMATIONS that address and help transmute what comes up in 1 & 2

The Foundation for Liberation Breathing® is Rebirthing/Breathwork

The foundation for Liberation Breathing® is Rebirthing, which Sondra Ray helped pioneer in the 1970’s along with Leonard Orr, its founder. She has continued to teach breathwork around the world since then. In 2006 she was guided to bring the Divine Mother energy into Rebirthing to take it beyond the need to manage, analyze or consciously control the process. Reading the Divine Mother names and prayers now make Liberation Breathing® nine times more powerful, according to the Divine Mother Herself. Both the Facilitator and the breather surrender to Love and Divine grace much faster, and receive the miracles of inner transformation more profoundly.

Sondra Ray says this about the process

“Liberation Breathing® and Rebirthing are Sacred. Once I thought Rebirthing was a scientific process. Once I thought it was therapy just to heal my birth trauma. I did not understand it all then. But one thing for sure, I NEVER thought it was silly. I always knew it was the hottest thing on the planet. That is how I always felt about it, right from the beginning.

Liberation Breathing® is a way of making Rebirthing even more spiritual and safe by adding Divine Mother prayers to the breathing session. This enhancement of Rebirthing was given directly from the Divine Mother, and entrusted to Mark & me. The practitioners we certify in Liberation Breathing® have merited its use because of their skill as Rebirthers, their ability to liberate themselves and others from their negative thoughts and memories, their application of A Course in Miracles, their basic knowledge of spiritual healing, and most importantly, their surrender to the Divine Mother with special training in India.Liberation Breathing® is like a sacrament because you are partaking of the Holy Spirit. It is more than just “breath work”. It is taking in Divine Energy into your body in such a way that God is making love to you. It is Rebirthing at a higher level of Divine surrender.

Liberation Breathing® is Life-giving. It can even bring more youth to the body. It brings spontaneous healings. It brings joy. It brought me everything I ever wanted. Many years ago I became one of the first Rebirthers in the world because of this. I wanted to spread the news to everyone. The only reason someone might not want all of this would have to be fear; fear of letting go, fear of danger, fear of death, or in general fear of slaying the ego. People may fear Liberation Breathing® and Rebirthing because of these ideas in their heads, and yet the irony is this breathing process will REMOVE those very fears. You release them out of the mind and body in your exhale. Liberation Breathing® continues to take away my fears and the fears of my clients and friends who have stuck with it. We consider it a wonderful life long spiritual practice.

Liberation Breathing® is a Gift from God, the “nectar of immortality”:

“To me, it is one of the ultimate gifts from God. Liberation Breathing® is Drinking the Divine. It is also drinking the everlasting nectar of Immortality. When I took Rebirthing to Russia in the 1970’s, the doctors there scientifically proved that it produces rejuvenation of the body. It is like discovering the Fountain of Youth. It is having the gentle breath of bliss and the power of vitality charging the body. It is the thrill of thrills and the serenity of peace at the same time. In this simple breathing process, one can permanently release negative thoughts and memories that make tensions in the body, symptoms of pain and disease, fears of failure, fears of success, fears of love, fears of death and the beliefs and programming of old age.

“It will wash away misery. It is the ultimate Cosmic Bath! Now that The Divine Mother has enhanced Rebirthing with more Life Force and called it Liberation Breathing®, the benefits are endless.

Liberation Breathing® is a spiritual practice:

“This healing/spiritual practice is for everyone. No matter who you are or where you are on the path, or on the planet, you can benefit from it. Liberation Breathing® and Rebirthing will take you higher than you ever thought you could go. You will enter the Banquet Hall of Eternity. You will wonder how you ever lived without it. You will drink the everlasting nectar of joy and your heart will awaken to eternal passion. Consciously connected breathing is something you will want to do for life. Eventually, you can practice it on your own by yourself. Initially you should plan to have ten sessions with a Facilitator of your choice. (Preferably ten with a female Facilitator and ten with a male Facilitator). You will hear people talk about dry or wet Rebirthing and group Rebirthing. The dry form is done lying down on the bed or floor with a Facilitator who guides you through your session. Wet Rebirthing is done in a hot tub or bath tub, using a snorkel and nose plug to breathe as you float face down in warm water, sometimes in the fetal position. Group Rebirthing sessions are done in a large room where a group of people (who have been well prepared) lie down and breathe together with the guidance of very experienced facilitators, and are best done during a three-day workshop, such as the LRT.”

Liberation Breathing® helps you “wake up”! Sondra continues:

“During this time of unprecedented change and massive acceleration, people will need to have an AWAKENED MIND. That is what we who practice Liberation Breathing®, and Rebirthing, help our clients realize. Awareness is going to be the name of the game now. All of life is significant and we must take care of it. Being liberated from the conditioning of negative and toxic thoughts and memories is a great gift to offer. You can receive this gift of grace and give it simultaneously.

There is a profound leap in intensity going on before and after 2012. Hundreds of lifetimes are all rolled into one year. People could be befuddled and have unclear minds and fear that will attract the same. Through Liberation Breathing® you can be taught by us how to focus and direct your thoughts. You have chosen to be here at this time to contribute in this great spiritual awakening.

Another gifted spiritual visionary, Barbara Marciniak, says that awareness and use of the breath are the essential KEYS for understanding and developing the higher mind during this astounding spiritual evolution. She states that we can use the breath:

  • to Stabilize ourselves to have more energy
  • to enhance our immune system
  • to create beneficial brain waves
  • to activate transcendental knowledge from the Source
  • to reach higher frequencies

Besides all that one must add:

  • to heal ones body to release tension
  • to have better relationships
  • to rejuvinate and on and on

This is just a note to remind you that you have committed to helping make this turning point in history an easier one, and this is part of The Great Work. Babaji, The Divine Mother, Markus and I are counting on you to continue, and so happy you have decided to liberate yourself through your breath.”