The Liberation Breathing® Intensive I

The Five-Day Breathwork Training that changes lives…..

and offers Inner Transformations from the Divine Mother…..

A 5-Day Intensive Breathwork Training created and presented by



with MARKUS RAY her beloved. 

Contained is a short summary of the essential offerings of the Liberation Breathing® Intensive I, a five day training created by SONDRA and MARKUS RAY for those interested in a deepening of their commitment to their breath as a means of healing, and for those interested in the ability of the breath to help them to “Know Thyself.” This Intro will serve to present and explain the main points offered in the training. It may serve those organizing this training to better explain its offerings to their clients and students. It will also serve as a general release to the media so further articles may accurately mention its value to the public. And it can be used to provide a general guideline to those taking the training to pre‐inform them of the course’s main offerings.

 About the creators:

In the advent of the personal growth movement of the 1970s and ’80s, Sondra Ray stands tall as one of the major voices of expanded consciousness in our time. A pioneer in the Rebirthing movement, author of seventeen books on the subjects of Relationships, Family Psychology and Dynamics, Rebirthing, Spiritual Healing, and the Spiritual cutting edge philosophies of the New Age, including one of the first major books written on the possibility of Physical Immortality.  Sondra laid the groundwork for understanding and achieving optimum awareness in the area of Relationships. Her Loving Relationships Training®, simply the LRT, has been taught extensively all over North America, Europe, South America, Australia, Indonesia, and even in part in the outreaches of India’s northern mountainous zones. Sondra Ray could be truly called a world teacher of our time, and an active voice for the Divine Mother Movement that is so urgently needed in this competitive, conflict‐ridden world of a male dominated mindset. A major practitioner and voice for the Rebirthing modality, founded by Leonard Orr in the early 1970’s, Sondra has done as much, if not more, to advance the powerful healing potential of circular connected breathing than any other author and teacher since Rebirthing’s inception. She has now placed her practice of Rebirthing under the guidance of the Divine Mother in the form of Liberation Breathing®. This new expression of the breathing process of Rebirthing introduces prayers to the Divine Mother into the session, and is nine times more powerful than the original process [according to the Divine Mother Herself].

Now Sondra offers her Liberation Breathing® Intensive I from

the Divine Mother, a five day seminar in which a full exploration of

the Liberation Breathing® practice is explored and applied to each

participant’s personal life process.

It is an opportunity for those interested in studying directly with Master Teacher, Sondra Ray, in the area of rebirthing and breathwork, now under the guidance and direction of the Divine Mother energies. People will not only receive Sondra’s instruction in the process of rebirthing in this new energy, but also have the opportunity to “give the process” to another. The training is for those who already are breathwork practitioners or clients who wish to deepen their process, as well as those new to the breath as a means for self‐healing.

Markus Ray is Sondra’s friend, creative director, co-author, partner, personal poet, court painter, “ascension buddy,” husband, and twin flame. His background in the arts led him to search more deeply for the spiritual truth in his life and work. In 1986 he underwent the process of Rebirthing and met Sondra who introduced him to A Course in Miracles. He soon became the student of Tara Singh, one of two pre-eminent voices for ACIM. Tara Singh trained directly by Dr. Helen Schucman herself, the scribe of ACIM, to bring the Course into daily application. Mark studied 17 years with Mr. Singh, and received the essence of ACIM from him. He joins Sondra Ray in the Liberation Breathing® Intensive I by sharing his insights on A Course in Miracles, as well as other valuable insights on the Liberation Breathing® material.

About the training:

Liberation Breathing® from the Divine Mother has been given for these times. Have you noticed things are moving very fast, and we have to keep up with the pace by the power of our ability to forgive and move on? We don’t have the time we had twenty years ago to wallow in the dysfunction of relationships. Sondra Ray has given us the tools to move beyond dysfunction into the light of understanding, and into the real possibility of Loving Relationships that is our natural state, into the CONFLICT FREE ZONE, a place that offers peace and joy in all areas of our life. The Liberation Breathing® Intensive I from the Divine Mother offers this very real possibility. As the backbone of Sondra Ray’s work, Liberation Breathing® is offered to the participants to help them integrate the material taught in the class. It aids them in releasing the negative family patterns and personal thought complexes of self‐sabotage which the breathwork process seeks to identify, dissolve and remove. Through a series of lectures and one‐to‐one processes, the Liberation Breathing® Intensive I helps people get in touch with the thoughts inherited from their past, their family and society that are influencing the results of their present. Daily sessions of Liberation Breathing(R) are offered in the five day training to help people liberate themselves from their own debilitating and limited thinking.

Also, the Liberation Breathing® Intensive I introduces participants to the importance of a Spiritual Life. Beyond presenting the very necessary psychology that makes relationships work or not work, the Liberation Breathing® Intensive I introduces – in addition to Liberation Breathing, A Course in Miracles, the Hawaiian forgiveness process of Ho’oponopono, ascension and physical immortality, India Quest, Babaji, the Divine Mother, and the necessity of maintaining a daily spiritual practice – a worldwide oeuvre of seminars, retreats and workshops that keep the participants connected to a broader spiritual community of support and global university for inner awakening and evolution.

Following is a basic outline of the Liberation Breathing® Intensive I:

Day One: 10AM ‐6PM

  • Invocation to the Divine Mother
  • Introductions
  • How the Mind Works
  • Creative Thought
  • Personal Lies
  • Birth Scripts
  • Liberation Breathing Session #1
  • Sharing

Day Two: 10AM‐6PM

  • Invocation of the Divine Mother
  • Birth and Relationships
  • Birth Types
  • Interview Forms
  • Session Processing/ Affirmations
  • Liberation Breathing Session #2
  • Sharing

Day Three: 10AM‐6PM

  • Invocation of the Divine Mother
  • The 14 Family Patterns of the LRT
  • Clearing Anger
  • Clearing Relationships with Parents
  • Clearing Relationships with Siblings
  • Clearing Relationships with Sex
  • Liberation Breathing Session #3
  • Sharing

Day Four: 10AM‐6PM

  • Invocation of the Divine Mother
  • Spiritual Healing
  • Clearing Relationship with God
  • Intro to A Course In Miracles
  • India Quest
  • Babaji and the Divine Mother
  • Liberation Breathing Session #4
  • Sharing

Day Five: 10AM‐6PM

  • Invocation to the Divine Mother
  • Physical Immortality
  • Aspects of creating a rebirthing practice
  • Clearing issues around money and prosperity.
  • What a good rebirther needs to know.
  • Liberation Breathing Session #5
  • Final Sharing
  • Rose Petal Puja to the Divine Mother

These two dynamic teachers, Sondra and Markus Ray invite you to seize this opportunity, even if you have already taken an LRT or rebirthing courses years ago, to go deeply into your own spiritual journey and process. The frequency has changed and the pace is quickening. The Liberation Breathing® Intensive I is presented in the energy of a holy relationship between SONDRA RAY and her twin flame and husband, MARKUS RAY (MAN MOHAN). You have an opportunity here to get very close to the spiritual wisdom of Sondra and Markus, to which they have given their attention for over a combined 60 years. They invite you to join them together in looking at the deeper meaning and purpose of our existence through the exploration of what it really means to invite Loving Relationships into your life, beyond the potential of the ones you have already realized. They invite you to explore the healing power of your own breath through the practice of Liberation Breathing(R) from the Divine Mother. They invite you to look closely at the family patterns you inherited that are subconsciously running your life. They invite you to be liberated from anger and the specific negative thoughts in your mind that are holding you back from advancement. They invite you to explore with them the profound teachings of A Course in Miracles, what Tara Singh referred to as “the greatest spiritual gift to come out of America.”

They invite you into the mystical world of the India Quest, and the direct experiences shared by Sondra of Babaji, the Immortal Yogi‐Christ of India spoken about in Autobiography of a Yogi by Yogananda. And most of all – They invite you to experience the Power of the Divine Mother in your life to give you the peace, the joy, and the happiness that is your inheritance, and the possibility of Physical Immortality. To Invite Sondra Ray to your area to produce a Liberation Breathing Intensive I

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