We can really rejoice when we give up a pain, a sickness or negative pattern.  Let’s say we have a bad habit and we want to give it up. Guilt is often the cause of the bad habit; and then we feel more guilty when we do it. We have to keep forgiving ourselves for the habit, for slipping up and having a relapse at times, but we have to keep on deciding we don’t want it. We have to keep working on our innocence. One day we will be bored with the habit and stop, and then it is time to celebrate.

The more we choose to feel good, the faster we will be healed  When one has a condition and is not healed, it is hard to feel good. And yet, if we do things anyway that make that us feel good, this will help the condition to heal faster.

We must choose peace and joy along with total relaxation. We must choose to be healed. Peace and joy and relaxation are ingredients for healing. Of course, we also need to have the right thoughts (affirmations) to correct the negative thoughts that caused the condition. Healing is a decision just like sickness is a decision.  You may not believe you “decided” to get that condition but you did decide to think the thoughts that caused it, so there you are.

Choose Peace and Joy

We should be choosing bliss and peace. We must choose feeling good over suffering. Suffering is a pattern. It is an addiction. We may think we need to suffer in order to be holy. This is false religious theology. One has to say: “I give up to the Holy Spirit my addiction to suffering.”   Another reason for choosing suffering would be to punish ourselves for something we are guilty about. How can we heal if we keep our addiction to suffering? To get healed and keep the pattern of suffering is a contradiction and it won’t work.

By the way, it is okay to be totally relaxed. One would think that one would not have to say this; but most people have relaxation associated with laziness.  One can be totally relaxed while doing work, in fact that is a very important goal.  Some people think that if they relax, something terrible will happen. Being up-tight is normal for them and being relaxed is not normal.  Make relaxation normal for you.

We can let go of any thought that causes tension. Tension IS caused by thoughts.  When we have tension in our body, we need to discover what thought is lodged there. One can then change that thought and breathe it out.

When we choose peace and joy, anything causing tension will go out. Peace and joy are always way more powerful than a negative thought.  There is a lesson in ACIM that goes like this: “I choose the joy of God instead of pain”. Beautiful lesson!

To be healed we have to have certainty that one can and will be healed. Certainty is like having total faith. Babaji, the Avatar, says that “FAITH IS EVERYTHING.” Also remember the Bible verse:  “All things are possible to him who believes.”


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