❡    During the pandemic, I started doing a weekly Liberation Breathwork session on myself asking my Guru Babaji to be there with me. While I was breathing, I would hear statements pertaining to things I was going through in my life, or things that are important for my clients to know. I list them here for your benefit. These thoughts came to me over a period of weeks; so I would often get more information on the subject in later weeks.   So I wrote it down exactly like it came to me. I will be sharing these tidbits of wisdom in these Blogs, I call “Outside the Box with Babaji.” I look forward to your comments.

Love, Sondra Ray

WE ARE SUPPOSED TO ADVANCE! (See our next “RAY TALKS” every Sunday: bit.ly/RayOB)

❡    We are supposed to advance, but we usually feel unsafe going to the next level. How can we safely go to the next level?  We have to get that it is more fun, easier and safer. That is because we are getting closer to God and God is the only real safety there is.  Write down  “My fear of expanding is________________”

❡    We can surrender to the Dream Team (Babaji, Jesus of ACIM and the Divine Mother). We all need guidance from the Masters.

❡    They will literally help us get stronger every year.  Most people think that as they age, they get weaker especially after age 60.

❡    We must say to the Holy Spirit “I allow myself to be healed of ALL irritation and anger.”  Anger is very bad for us. It ruins our health and it pushes people away. It makes one vibrate at a very low level. It can also destroy the former spiritual work one has done on oneself. ACIM says that below even an irritation is a veil of hate. It also says that anger is never justified.  When we are angry we cannot hear God.

❡    It is good to keep thinking “Everything will be alright” . This is because people usually have a subconscious thought that something bad is going to happen. We may not be aware that we have that thought in our subconscious , but most people do.  Then something bad does happen and then people think something else bad will happen. What if we took the affirmation: ‘Only good things happen to me”. We might not believe that at first; but if we keep saying it, that is the result we will get.


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