WE NEED THE HELP OF THE DIVINE MOTHER…to get over our “personal lie”.


❡    During the pandemic, I started doing a weekly Liberation Breathwork session on myself asking my Guru Babaji to be there with me. While I was breathing, I would hear statements pertaining to things I was going through in my life, or things that are important for my clients to know. I list them here for your benefit. These thoughts came to me over a period of weeks; so I would often get more information on the same subject in later weeks.   So I wrote it down exactly like it came to me. I will be sharing these tidbits of wisdom in these Blogs, I call “Outside the Box with Babaji.” I look forward to your comments.

Love, Sondra Ray

WE NEED THE HELP OF THE DIVINE MOTHER…to get over our “personal lie”. The personal lie is the worst negative thought we have about ourselves. A good Liberation Breathworker can help one bring it up from the unconscious. It is very very deceptive. It will trick us every time. People wrestle with this thought their whole lives because it is an addiction. It may even be brought into this life from a past life. We could have had it for eons. Let this be the lifetime we give it up. Read our book LIBERATION. It is the only book in the world on this subject.

 ❡    What if it is true that we are already all that we can be?  This thought can be hard for us to swallow. We think we have to do a lot to become all that we can be.  And yet God created us complete with the total blueprint.  We just covered up our real Self by using the ego. If we now accept the Atonement for ourselves (that is 100% Forgiveness of ourselves and everyone), we return to our true Selves.  If we do that, we won’t have to work our asses off trying to become “all that we can be.”

❡     The truth liberates people. Sometimes people don’t like the truth told to them. It is too much of a confrontation. But if we have love of correction (which is an important quality) then, we want the truth.  A humble person: A: Recognizes his errors; B: Admits them; and C: Does something about them!

❡     What if our whole day becomes the Divine moving through us? This is a very beautiful thought. If we allow the Divine to move through us, imagine how wonderful that would be!  The Divine is Bliss. Why wouldn’t we want that?  Only if we think we don’t deserve it or if we are addicted to suffering.

❡     We think we are very affected by fear. (That is an illusion). What has happened is that we have forgotten that we are love. We have replaced love with fear. We think fear is real. God made us without fear. We do not need to have fear, IF we place the future in the hands of God.  Are we willing to do that? That would be the solution to all fear. But we would have to learn to trust the Unknown. We tend to believe that the Unknown is somehow unsafe. We think that the Unknown is dangerous.  The Unknown is God. The Unknown is safe because God is the only real safety there is. We have to trust this.

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