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We are “bringing it all back home” with the Spirit Pantry. No longer will it be a “Patreon” site. We gave up that platform simply because it was too much for us to maintain two different websites for our work, and we wanted to focus on the aspects of our Platform that we can easily use to serve more of our students, clients, followers and friends. We also did not want to actively “seek donations” anymore. It has never been our “way.”

For those of you who supported us on the Patreon site, our deep thanks goes to you. It was a heartfelt appreciation we felt for all of you. THANK YOU.

My teacher, Tara Singh, who had his own Federally Approved 501 3C non-profit Foundation for sharing and disseminating workshops, books and talks on A Course in Miracles, drummed into us the need for Self-Reliance. He had us all read Ralph Waldo Emerson’s essay on that subject. But it went deeper than just relying on our own talents and faculties. The Self  in the case of Tara Singh (and Emerson) is something far beyond the personality we “made up.” It is a lofty state in which we are in direct contact with Forces beyond the “known.” These are Forces of Life that permeate the Wholeness of Everything. Broad—deep—in the marrow of our bones—yet in the “Moments outside of time” that come to our Awareness in this Holy Contact. 

Taraji went on to say, that Self has its own Resources, and never seeks donations. It “lacks nothing,” therefore it is secure in its faith that ALL IS PROVIDED. 

Sondra and I are so happy to be connected to such great Wisdom, and to be in the flow of our own Self-Reliance. We apologize if it may have seemed otherwise when we set up the Patreon Site to accept donations. We encourage you to buy our books, participate in our many “BREATHES,” and attend our Online Workshops and Retreats. This is how you can “support us.” And in turn you receive something of great value—something we offer from our Hearts that goes beyond a mere “bullet-point-benefit” or “promotional-product.” We have a few of these offerings coming up soon.


Sondra is always working on a new book. Two are in the works right now:  The Supermarket for a Meaningful Life and Lately I’ve Been Thinking II. We are really excited about these new works. LIBT II, as we are calling it for short, will be out in October. 


For Pre-ordering, email with your request:

The cost is $21.95 + $4.95 shipping and handling for USA

Include your mailing address with Postal Code clearly indicated. 


One good thing that came out of the Great Sequester for us—it made us more creative. We had to “dig deeper” and ask ourselves, “What do we really have to give that will uplift and benefit us and others?” So the Spirit Pantry remains one of those things. We will maintain it here on


The other major creative offering was to actually do some Online Courses live over ZOOM. We scheduled some of them and had some very successful results. We found we really loved this format, and the people love it too! They are presented in eight, 1.5 hour Modules over the Weekend—2 Friday, 3 on Saturday, and 3  on Sunday. The Loving Relationships Training and The Miracle Consciousness Training were very effective presented in this way. We offer 3 Liberation Breathing Sessions over Zoom as well during these weekends.

This is what Cathy from the UK said about the UK LRT over ZOOM:

Thank you so very much for an incredible weekend. Our lives will never be the same again. There was an enormous shift. Both Steve and I were struck by the power and joy of the work and by you two glorious people. Truth, Love, fun, generosity and excitement emanate from you.  There are so many valuable truths and practical exercises that we can apply and tonight we are starting a gratitude journal, and ‘clearing’ together and have started forgiveness processes.
This was the very positive feedback we got from the online courses, and we were so glad to know we could reach many more people so easily in this way, right from the convenience of our own home.


As always we are “writing a book.” I finished one and it is out now on Amazon. It is my first book solely on A Course in Miracles. The Second Coming: You Are The Christ is the title. It is an overview of the importance of A Course in Miracles in these times and contains some of the key lessons brought to my attention by my Teacher, Tara Singh.

Go Here to Order:

This could be a life-changing book for you. Especially if you are already studying A Course in Miracles. The main premise of the book is that we all have the Christ Self, or our Higher-Self, or our “Inner Being” inside of us already. It is not a matter of self-improvement, but one of Self Awakening to what is already there.  The Lessons given in A Course in Miracles are designed to awaken this God-created Self in us. Anyone can read it, even if you have not been a student of ACIM before.  Order the book here:

Another little book we wrote recently is like a blessing you can carry around with you in your purse or personal satchel. It is called The Perfection of Babaji. It is an account of all Sondra’s visitations from Babaji over the years after He took Samadhi in 1984. Like a meditation, almost, it will stretch your mind into the realm of new possibilities. I did the cover with a painting of Babaji in Denmark I painted in Copenhagen, using the colors of the Danish flag: Red and White. You can order this book here:



PEACE is POWER. This is what AMMA, our female teacher always said. Violence from either side of the conflict within is never a solution to the “problem” that only seems to be “outside.” Fundamental change is an internal matter and always has been.  This is why we do the work of Liberation Breathing—and Self Introspection and Self-Responsibility. One Session of Liberation Breathing can unravel a lot of inner conflicts and bring a person to the Clarity of a New Direction. (See here: ) A New Road into the future is waiting for us to go down. The Great Sequester has automatically put us on that road. Let us all walk hand in hand down this road to Greater Happiness through the forgiveness of our past, and the unification of our souls that will set us all free.