Lately I’ve Been Thinking About The Road to Babaji:

Babaji is a spiritual being who serves constantly as a link between the Formless Divine and the physical creation,

between God and humankind.

He states that He is a manifestation of Lord Shiva,

one of the names India gives to The Divine – a form of God known as a renunciate, a helper, and the greatest of Teachers.

People saw Him in many roles –

as Lord Shiva, the Supreme Guru, purifier, friend, the Divine Child, the Divine Mother, Divine Father, Supreme Yogi, a healer, an Immortal.

He is all of these things and we see in Him that for which we look.

We also see ourselves in Him, for He mirrored each of us,

so we could see where we were on our Paths and gain insight into ourselves and what we needed to work on.


My dears,

Recently in a meditation I “saw” myself coming toward Babaji for several lifetimes. It was a very winding, curvy, difficult road and at the end of the experience I saw myself on a straight road going directly to him. How long this has taken, who knows. But it was exhilarating. A false master is just a tranquilizer. You come to him and he consoles you. But the REAL MASTER like Babaji will help you grow rapidly. Growth is difficult… you have to pass through many difficulties. A true master will HAUNT YOU. There is no transformation without fire. Friction is the right word for the inner war. You have to become uprooted so your family no longer has power over your mind. All that has been before must be disrupted.

Unless you are ready to encounter yourself, you cannot become a disciple because a master can do nothing if you are not ready to face yourself. All that you have denied and repressed will come up and that gives one fear. That is why people avoid going to Babaji. They are not willing to go through fear. But we have breath work to release this fear.!!

You only become a disciple when you are ready to expose your whole being to yourself. I always felt TOTALLY exposed around Babaji but he was the most exciting thing on earth.

The Master is like a Midwife. He helps you pass through a new birth and be reborn. But you have to trust…you cannot doubt. You have to drop your armor completely. The openness has to be total, otherwise nothing can happen. You have to pass through great training. To me, it is the greatest training on earth. At times I have felt like I am in training for the Olympics.

The Master is the one who AWAKENS you. He wants to birth you into His or Her dimension. But when there is a Master like Jesus or Babaji, people try to escape from him in every way possible. I see this all the time. It is because he is like death to you. Of course people rationalize their escape and find clever reasons why they are escaping. They find something wrong with him. It is dangerous to encounter him because he can see right through you and the false life you made up. You become transparent to him or her. You cannot hide yourself. You cannot hide the falseness that you are. I used to become a trembling leaf before Babaji. I had to be very courageous to be around him. But I took the jump into the Abyss and I gained everything.

Babaji is saying to you: “The door is open right now. My love is available. You can take it or not”. If you postpone the entry, the mind will remain the same. People have tried in every way to change themselves but is there really much change?

The Master is freedom. The Master is fire, and you have to become completely liquid so that all that is wrong is burned. Babaji is the furnace. At times I would feel like my bones were on fire for weeks on end. But I knew this fire purification was what I needed. I came out different from what I was. A transformation is a discontinuity with the past, it is not patchwork.

If you are courageous enough to pass through the fire of Babaji, a new world will open before you. The other choice is to remain in the nightmare. But one has to decide. The decision is final too, because you cannot go back. The past must die for the true future to be born. This is a decision a devotee has to make. We have remained in prison so long that we think that is our home. But the Master has escaped. He will help you escape but you have to be vulnerable. But it is unknown and the mind is always afraid of the unknown. The unknown is the ecstasy. When the disciple allows the Master to penetrate it is like a sexual penetration on a higher level.

Babaji invites you. Are you going to reject the invitation?

Love, Sondra

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