Lately I’ve Been Thinking About The Recipe For Holy Relationships

Our job is to inspire others by having a great relationship ourselves as an example. I found recently some old notes I had made that I thought I would share with you.

  1. Commit your relationship to the single purpose of supporting each of you in becoming more whole, alive, happy, fulfilled and enlightened. Turn your relationship over to the Holy Spirit.
  2. Work together on changing the ego beliefs that do not support your purpose and that only create limitations, separation, guilt, and fear.
  3. Practice seeing your interests as the same, such as always going for the highest thought and creating win-win situations whenever the illusion of conflict appears in your relationship,
  4. Consciously and lovingly support each other in letting go of negative thoughts and behaviors that constrict your energy flow and reinforce the ego’s illusion of separation. Here are some examples:
    • Withholding or lying
    • Blaming each other or anyone else
    • Thinking loss is real (every apparent loss is a gain not yet recognized)
    • Holding onto guilt
    • Manipulation through guilt
    • Holding on to the illusions of the past and using them as a reference point
    • Acting out of obligation (this generally leads to resentment)
    • Saying yes when you mean no, and saying no when you mean yes
    • Doing things you don’t really want to do in order to get approval or to avoid disapproval
    • Struggling
    • Defending and justifying
    • Judging
    • Making yourself wrong
    • Sacrificing
    • Being motivated by fear or guilt or anger
    • Needing to be needed
    • Perceiving others as lacking
    • Saving and rescuing people
    • Needing to be right or making being right more important than being happy
    • Indulging in anger
  5. Become fast friends.
  6. Make your relationship a top priority but not before your relationship to God.
  7. Recognize that your partner and his/her reality is also part of your mind. See him or her as your perfect mirror.
  8. Practice forgiveness and gratitude constantly.
  9. See only their innocence as real.
  10. Do spiritual practices together.

What have you been thinking about lately? Share with me!