What role does the Holy Spirit play in Relationships?

Markus and I gave a talk on A Course in Miracles last night in Copenhagen. Toward the end of our talk, one gal asked  about the Holy Spirit, and how do we make contact with it? What does Jesus mean when He mentions the importance of the Holy Spirit? Good questions,Yes?  They got me to thinking about the role the Holy Spirit plays in our relationship, and in our life.

Everyone has some kind of issue or problem they would like solved in their relationship. Can the Holy Spirit help us solve them? How do we invoke the Holy Spirit to really aid us in our life?

The Course says that the minute you get in an intimate relationship you should invite in the Holy Spirit so you won’t end up with a relationship dominated by the ego.  Jesus can bring the Holy Spirit down to you, but only at your own invitation. The Holy Spirit is in your RIGHT MIND—integrity of the mind. This is a blessing of miracle consciousness. The Holy Spirit is referred to as Healer, the Comforter and the Guide. The Holy Spirit will bless your creations if you let Him.  He will keep your relationship in the light of joy. The Holy Spirit will correct all your wrong thinking about relationships. The Holy Spirit will help you get in and stay in the Kingdom of Heaven in you relationship.

Markus and I have various ways to be in contact with the Holy Spirit. We do everything together. For us this is easy, because we have the same mission in our life, and we are together 24/7/365. We pray together and we stay together. When we have a problem, we turn it over to Babaji, Jesus and the Divine Mother, whom we call the Dream Team. We read the Course together and make comments. We practice Ho’oponopono, which is a Hawaiian prayer of forgiveness. We write a letter to the Dream Team, confessing our thoughts that made up problems, and we ask for new thoughts.

The Holy Spirit is mostly an energy of correction. When we confess we are the ones who thought the thoughts which caused some form of our suffering, the Holy Spirit steps in to help us make the corrections in our thinking that will restore our mind, and our life, back to the problems free state.

Holy Spirit Liberation Breathing Badge

The Holy Spirit, often symbolized by the decent of a dove, is a central image on our logo. It helps us to release limitations in our life and relationships. But we have to invite it in. We have this invitation on the logo as well. You bring in the light when you invite the Holy Spirit to help you. You get liberated from problems when you breathe in new thoughts and release the old thoughts which kept you stuck.

Jesus says this in ACIM about the Holy Spirit on Page 89 of the Manual For Teachers:

The Holy Spirit abides in the part of your mind that is part of the Christ Mind. He represents your Self and your Creator Who are one. He speaks for God and also for you, being joined with Both. He seems to be a Voice, for in that form He speaks God’s Word to you.  He seems to be a Guide through a far country, for you need that form of help.  He seems to be whatever meets the needs you think you have. You are His manifestation in the world.

Did you ever think you had such a direct contact with he Christ Mind, right inside of yourself? Like I said in the post a couple days ago, “If you don’t go within, you go without.” (Yogi Bhajan) You can always “go within,” invoke the Holy Spirit, and receive the direction and guidance.

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