Lately I’ve Been Thinking About The Divine Mother, Part II

The best attitude to approach inner work is an attitude of knowing nothing. When we think we are knowledgeable, we are closed down. We don’t listen, we only speak.

You can communicate to the mother by writing her. Tell her anything and everything. Ask for help in difficult situations. The Mother of the Universe comes when we ask, but we must become like little children. Adopting the attitude of a child, we become more open to the guru’s love and her teachings.

The Shadow:
Amma says, “What is hidden within must become manifest sooner or later. No matter how much one may try to do otherwise, it is just a question of time.” The demons within (inevitable aspects of growth) or the contents of the shadow can become hazardous from neglect. The shadow conceals our divine essence.

Amma says you must go through three shadows: the religious shadow, the family shadow, and the personal shadow. The
Mother will not abandon you while you are in the process of clearing your shadows. After all, “The surgeon does not stop until the operation is finished.”

What have you been thinking about lately?

Love, Sondra

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