Lately I’ve Been Thinking About The Divine Mother, Part I

The Divine Mother goes far beyond all concepts and dogmas. The experience of the Mother is a presence of calm, power, and blissful unconditional love as the ground of all being, an endless source of deeply rooted peace, the shakti that fuels evolution. Mother is to the Father what the shining is to the diamond.

We have done harm to ourselves and the universe, so now we have to open ourselves to the love that heals and saves. She offers us compassion, grace, calmness, and patient encouragement, reverence and tenderness.

If you want to see her you must long for her with the intensity with which a drowning man longs for oxygen. The best way to her is direct devotion, or “Bhakti Adoration.” Adoration itself provides the most profound source of energy of transformation.

The Divine Mother is the universe and all things in it. She not only says, “Adore me,” but adore each creature, each being as a part of me, each as totally sacred, as brimming with consciousness and light. Ammachi says, “Honor yourself humbly as my child. Bless each aspect of your being. Revere yourself.” Give birth to the Divine Child in you. We are here to become the divine human. In becoming a child again, one gets love body, love ears, love eyes; becoming one with the joy that manifests in the entire creation.

The Mother is JOY. Strip yourself of everything but Her. Seek pure love of Her. If that was all that you wanted, everything would just flow to you, through you, and for you! All protection would be yours. All knowledge. Pray to her with a longing heart. Persist in your demands to her. The realized being is a like a child at peace in the womb, knowing he or she is fed at every moment by the grace and light of the Mother. You will be in Heaven here. Miracles dance around those who have become like children. Anything can be done by the Mother through us! Humility is the key.

AMMA says that most of us need a guru to shed light on our inner demons. One has to be purified of lust, delusion, pride, jealousy. anger, intolerance, attachment, hypocrisy, repulsion ,crusty wounds, unrealized desires and impurities. You have to go through a spiritual burning process. This could be a battle of the wills. You may feel crazy, but no doctor or psychotherapist can heal these wounds.

Surrender is your final destiny. For all it is the dropping away of every obstruction to peace and contentment. In surrender we no longer claim “I did this” and “I did that”. Everything we do is the result of divine energy moving through us. Dedicate everything to God. Say, “I am a vessel through which Divine Activity takes place.”

We become content with very little because we recognize that our wealth lies in the Mother’s love. It is really to your own Self you surrender. The guru does not want anything from you. He or She does not have any personal interest nor does he have anything to gain from your surrender. The giving up is for your own inner growth, your own peace of mind and bliss. Accept everything as a blessing. Be aware that your actions in the present determine your future!

(Summarized from the teaching of Amma)

Love, Sondra

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