Imagine what would happen if a couple sat down and decided, right from the beginning, what kind of mission they were going to accomplish together for the world. —and then actually did it! This spiritual mission could be a joint career. If they were already in different careers, they could still decide what kind of service they could offer the world together apart from their careers.

Markus and I have a spiritual mission in Liberation Breathing and teaching seminars on Relationships and Spiritual Matters around the world. Here is our Liberation Breathing Mission Statement:

LB MISSION STATEMENTWhat is your Higher Purpose together?

When people are deeply in love, they feel a natural concern for the state of the world and they want to do something about it. If love has waned and the relationship is stale, it might just be because the couple never acted on that sense of purpose. What is your Higher Purpose together? Maybe it has been to raise a family. Maybe this work is done now, and you are an “empty nester.” It is never too late to infuse your marriage or relationship with this gift.  It is not only a gift to the world , but a gift to the relationship. It gives the relationship true meaning. The couple should always ask themselves:  What do we have to give?

I have studied successful relationships of partners who were equally powerful. In fact the equality in the relationship was part of the success. One thing that makes their relationship work was a commitment to public service. They weather the storms of marital life by focusing on something greater than themselves. Our Spiritual Master Babaji says that there are only four simple principles to a having a happy and fulfilled life. They are “Truth, Simplicity, Love and Service to Humanity.” We have found that these are simple and applicable guidelines for a good life.

I read an article called “100 ways to Fix the World”. The author interviewed one hundred famous people and asked them their recommendations. Film maker Eleanor Coppola said, “Every seven years, every able body should do three months of public service.” If you are single and want to meet someone who can handle a spiritual life with you, doing public service would be a good way to meet the right kind of partner.

Missions are satisfying. In my case, finding mine felt like the beginning of my true life. Everything before that was peanuts. I consider the former life like a past life. I am not the same person as I was before I got clear on my mission. After being single for decades and being happy like that, I decided one day very clearly that I wanted to experience a Holy Relationship in this incarnation. So I asked my Master Babaji to pick my mate. I knew by myself I might not find the right person to fit my mission. But I knew that He would know.  So I asked for an arranged marriage. This turned out perfectly.


Markus and I teaching in Brazil

Babaji sent me Markus, who is a breath worker like myself, a writer like myself, a teacher of A Course in Miracles like myself, a student of Hawaiian Ho ‘Oponopono like myself. We got together and immediately started working together. Now he also handles the business aspect of the mission perfectly which is a huge job! I could not have asked for a more perfect husband.

Make a Stretch !

Once I held a class wherein I had each student select a mission they would be willing to do, and then I had them stand up and share what they had chosen. Almost everyone totally underestimated their true abilities.. It was kind of shocking. Why not chose something way beyond what you think you can do. This is called “giving yourself a stretch.”  Big stretches make you expand.

In my case I was a nurse and had no idea I could be a international public speaker. However Babaji pushed me into it and trained me by suddenly saying to me (at the ashram), “YOU, GIVE A SPEECH.”  I never knew  when he was going to call on me. He did it quite a bit so I got over my fears. I also knew I needed help in relationships. I was in California in the 70’s and I looked around for seminars on relationships but could not find one. When I asked people where I could find one, I was told, “Everyone is too screwed up in that area to teach it!”  So I said to myself, somebody surely should be teaching this. Maybe it has to be me then !  And that is how I first stretched to find my mission to become the founder of an international training—the Loving Relationships Training—which I still teach all over the world.

Later my mission expanded to work with the Divine Mother. I even wrote a book on the subject here: bit.ly/MotherRock  Markus and I read the 108 Divine Mother names a whole year every morning, and then, being charged up with that energy, began to include it in our Liberation Breathwork sessions with clients. Another part of our mission is to write books together. Recently we even wrote one on the subject of Physical Immortality. bit.ly/ImmortalRay

Use your natural talents to serve

No one is asking you to sacrifice anything for service. In fact, you find your greatest talent and use that in the service of uplifting others around you. You may be an accountant, and engineer, a carpenter, or even a house cleaner. It is the Intention and Attention you bring to what you do that makes you of service. And make sure the end result of what you do provides something essential for humanity. Farmers, in this case, are some of the greatest servants of humanity. They feed the people.

Everyone has natural talents. Markus loves to paint the Spiritual Masters. He does this in our trainings, and for commissioned work that people hire him to do. It is his talent and his service. You can see his work here: www.markusray.com .

Find your talent; use it to serve others, and do this with your mate, and you will end up with a Spiritual Mission together. And this →leads to Happiness.


Markus is painting Babaji in Curitiba, Brazil