This morning Markus and were doing devotions and talking about the Issue of turning things over to the Holy Spirit rather than trying to figure it out yourself. Why can’t we do that? It seems too easy is one answer we got. I was looking at how so far I had failed to heal something in my body. Markus told me to turn it over. Right. But did I do it really in that minute? It seemed to me that there must be more work to do on myself before I can turn it over, I thought.  In other words, had I gotten the lessons? Was there any forgiveness to do? Was there anymore action I needed to take on my part?

There was more to look at for me in each area. I tried to answer those questions carefully. It felt the need to take responsibility for my part in creating the issues I felt I needed to cleanse.  After I felt that I did that, I had more of an experience of being able to turn the problem over completely. This way I know I have done all I needed to do.  Yes there were more lessons I needed to see about projecting things and taking on other people’s stuff . Yes I needed forgive myself more and 2 other women. And yes, I needed to ask forgiveness of someone. And yes I needed to apologize to someone.

After this the cause of the condition seemed to be handled and now and now I can let go and turn it over to the Holy Spirit. By writing this, it is making the solution more clear. It is safe for me to let this go and so I now completely turn it over to the Holy Spirit. I trust the problem is solved or will be solved. If I have not completed everything I need to let go, I know the Holy Spirit will show me what that is right now so I can correct it.


I  still became curious how past mistakes that I may not have worked out might affect me from receiving a healing from the Holy Spirit. I finally asked Markus if I had to know and  correct all my mistakes and take responsibility for them before I could turn things over. He said we will never remember or know all our mistakes in our past and held within our  subconscious. But the Holy Spirit knows them. When we are ready to clear something, it will come up in our present experience. So there you have it, I give them also to Him.

Then I wondered if I could really turn it all over completely, wouldn’t it be true that there is nothing to process? That was a kind of joke. Of course there are always going to be new things coming up, so Markus says it is a day by day process, moment to moment basis. But in essence, it is only the “ego” that needs to be “processed” (or corrected). When we are totally free of the ego, like Jesus and Babaji and Amma, then we would have nothing more to “process.” Are we all willing to set that as our mission of complete forgiveness, and therefore complete liberation? 

Love, Sondra