An Essential Part of Relationships is Sacred Sexuality. 

My husband just put out on his blog his sacred sexuality paintings which I think are beautiful. Here is one of his latest Small Paintings on that subject, which is one of the most beautiful:

Sacred Sexuality

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What Does A Course in Miracles Say about Sex? 

ACIM would say that all that matters about sex is whether you are in the ego’s thought system or whether you are in the Holy Spirit’s thought system around sex. If you are in the Holy Spirit’s thought system, then sacred sexuality will be a holy experience. It also says, “My body is a wholly neutral thing.” Lesson 294, which applies to sex, and all things you “do with” your body. The body is a “communication device.” What are you communicating through Sex? LOVE or FEAR? THE SPIRITUAL CONNECTION or simply just a BODY CONNECTION? HOLINESS or LACK OF HOLINESS? It’s all up to you how you approach SEX.

As OSHO has said in one of his books:  “The primal energy of sex has the reflection of God in it. Sex is Divine. It is the energy that creates new life. Therefore you should accept sex with joy and acknowledge its sacredness. When a man approaches his wife, he should  have a sacred feeling, as if he were gong to a temple. As a wife goes to her husband, she should  be full of reverence one has nearing God. Orgasm is for the momentary realization of Samadhi. The ego vanishes. Orgasm is a state of self-effacement. This is the reasons we are really so attracted to it. It is wrong to fill man with antagonism toward sex.”

Tantra’s Essence. 

In Tantric teachings, sexual love represents sacrament, its ultimate goal is union with God. There are even books on how you and your mate can use tantric sex to achieve physical immortality together. (New Age Tantra Yoga: The Cybernetics of Sex and Love, Howard Zitko, 1985)

Immortals can tell you the difference between the “old sex” and the “new sex.” They had old sex before they learned to rebirth themselves and knew how to use the breath to clear the subconscious of the fear of letting go. In the “new sex,” they feel safe to handle a lot more energy in the body without the unconscious fear of death. They use sex for rejuvenation. Did you know the French refer to an orgasm a “la petite mort” (“a little death?”) We are talking here about just the opposite. The orgasm GIVES you Energy; it does not take it away Energy. It is an intense infusion of Life, not a diminishing “little death.”

A Sacred Environment.

The space a couple chooses for lovemaking should be like a temple. I recommend an altar in the room. I recommend soft music like Indian Classical music or chanting. I recommend making the whole space as lovely as possible. There should always be fresh flowers, candles, beautiful objects around and soothing sensual fabrics. Televisions, library books, computers, stacks of stuff and old bedding are not conducive to holiness. Orderliness and beauty in your environment are an important part of the lovemaking.

Doing a simple puja, or worship at the altar beforehand, will put you in the right frame of mind. Even something as simple as waving incense before pictures of holy beings suffices. Turn the whole experience over to God.

Keep your environment orderly and neat. Markus and  make the bed together every morning the FIRST THING when our feet hit the ground. We then take a walk and say our mantras, or on a rainy day say our mantras together on the couch, then we take our showers and put all our clothes away or in the washing room. Everything in our environment is brought to order after each phase of the day or night. This way our place is always in a state of order, without too much ado or energy expended.

Don’t Sleep with the Wrong Partner.

Think very carefully about who your lover should be. Some teachers say that there can be a karmic exchange through sexual activity. Sex is not a simple matter of connect and disconnect. Some say that the linking that results form one single sexual encounter may last for approximately fourteen months on the higher planes, and that the karmic link lasts that long as well. So think about the consequences before you sleep with someone tonight who may have slept with someone else last night. And do you really want to have sex with someone who is angry?  I would not recommend it. Those energies go right into your body, your aura, and your being in the sharing of sexual union. Sacred Sexuality requires a deep sensitivity to treat this sacrament in a holy manner.

Is your partner clear that you are together for the mutual evolution of your souls? This is important. The purpose of life is to grow, evolve, gain greater wisdom and purpose together. The right partner is one who has the same goals in mind. When two people get together for this high road to happiness, then all you need to know about sacred sexuality is to just have fun!



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