Lately I’ve Been Thinking About Reviewing of a Course In Miracles, Part One

I love to keep reviewing A Course In Miracles in different ways. Even though you may know this, it is important to imprint it deeply in the mind more clearly.

  • No evidence will convince you of the truth of what you do not want.
  • My upset is due to the meaning I have given to this situation.
  • The ego loves us to be unhappy.
  • What seems like bad news is really a call for celebration… it means that the ego’s foundations have been shaken.
  • The ego’s capacity to use anything and everything to delay your awakening cannot be underestimated.
  • There are no answers “out there” because the problems are not “out there”.
  • The ego loves us to be unhappy (Please, Holy Spirit, show me what would actually make me happy!!).
  • You have to learn to gently laugh at the ego.
  • What matters is what is driving our behavior, love or fear? Is my thinking based on love or fear?
  • We are inclined to think some people are more special, valuable or lovable than others = tricky territory
  • Our problem is we want our own way of doing things, as if we knew better than God what was good for us.
  • The ego is attached to outcomes. The Holy Spirit fully accepts all situations knowing that each one is the perfect classroom for our learning.
  • There is nothing that happens to us that cannot be seen as holding a gift or a miracle within it. Once we change our mind, there are no problems, only opportunities.
  • My goal is to be at peace regardless of externals
  • This is not a course of love and light, but one that holds up a mirror to your unflattering side.

The work of the Course is the UNDOING of blocks, not a dismissal of them. The Course actively warns us against denial, which would only keep the blocks in place and give them more power.

What have you been thinking about lately? Share with me at will continue next week.

Love, Sondra

What have you been thinking about lately? Share with me!