Living with a Virgo has its advantages. There is a neatness of well being that surrounds a Virgo, and this flows over into every aspect of our lives. SONDRA RAY is a Virgo and insists on certain things in our world that make life more rich and pleasurable. It is not a matter of hedonism. It is a matter of Aesthetic Sensibility and Divine Order that enriches our lives so we can enrich the lives of others. One of these things is having a great wardrobe. 


In my life, there is before I met up with Sondra Ray and after I met up with Sondra Ray. My life was drastically different before, especially in the area of my wardrobe. I had a few nice Harris Tweed sport coats, and I suppose those were my most “dress up” articles of clothing. But as a craftsman, most of my wardrobe consisted of chinos and flannel shirts. I was “dressed down” most of the time. 

After getting together with Sondra this whole picture changed. She had an acute sense of order in what one wore. It was not by any means “extravagant” or “flashy.” I would call it rather “elegant.” What I noticed also is that my Teacher, Tara Singh, had this same impeccability of dress. He never dressed “casually.” His wardrobe reflected the high place of Spirit from where he always came. With Sondra, this consistency in her wardrobe with her Spiritual Life also applied. 

We have a new Podcast now ON LOVING RELATIONSHIPS. You can listen here to our commentary on this very subject: Why Have A Great Wardrobe?  CLICK HERE to listen. 


Love, Markus

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