What is your Personal Lie ? (Your most negative thought about yourself ?) It is the “main problem” in your life. 

In all the work we do to help people liberate themselves from all sorrow and negativity, there is one essential block to happiness that keeps them stuck. Most people do not even know what it is, nor are they in touch with how it is affecting their life. Liberation Breathing®’s main focus is to free people from what we call their Personal Lie. The Personal Lie is not the real truth about you, of course not. That is why we call it a lie. But part of your subconscious mind thinks it is true. You can even find “evidence” in your life to support that it is “true.” But our job as breathworkers is to help people identify it, (it is very specific to each person,) and to help them give it up.

Personal Lie

Your Personal Lie was formed very early.

In my case, my Personal Lie was “I am not perfect.” As a kid in Grafton, Iowa, population 300, I used to cry if I would get an A minus.  My mother would say, “I don’t know why you are crying, I am not insisting that you get straight A’s.” I was overcompensating, trying to be perfect but it would not work. My high school basketball team won 34 straight games (my number was 34.) We lost the state tournament in Des Moines by only one point. I was devastated. When I started becoming a writer, my writing was good, but the art on the covers would always be off so I could feel “not perfect.” There was always something in my life slightly off.

You would think this Personal Lie would not be such a difficult one. But for me it was really, really hard to overcome, because I had it “wired” that it was wrong to be perfect—as that was blasphemy. My church conditioning was so strong that I was totally stuck on this fear of being blasphemous. It took me years to figure out that was the problem. I had so much fear of being perfect because of this, I was stuck a very long time. That is how strong church dogma is!  When I started to process this issue, a lot of fear came up in my body. The only way out was to have my husband (who is a great rebirther) process me using A Course in Miracles (which is a correction of religion.) In ACIM Jesus says just the opposite: If you are operating from a negative belief about yourself instead of how God sees you, THAT is blasphemy. So it is blasphemy to say you are “imperfect,” since God Created you perfect. He gave me this affirmation:  “It is right to be perfect, consistent with God’s will.”  This began to unravel my mind.

Personal Lie

Freedom from the Personal Lie is a joyous transformation. It is The ANSWER.

We are writing a Min-E-Book on this very subject about the Personal Lie. We are calling it The ANSWER. Not that the Personal Lie is the “answer,” but knowing about it and freeing yourself from it is The ANSWER. I have collected 358 Personal Lies over the years, and just when I think I have heard them all, someone comes for a session or turns up in a Loving Relationships Training® with a new one I have not heard. Many people have just a simple one, like, “I am not good enough.” Most of us have felt “not good enough” at some time in our life.

Other common Personal Lies are “I am not wanted,” “I am wrong,” ” and “I can’t.” You would be surprised how these thoughts can screw up your life. Even though you may not be walking around “thinking” them consciously, you may hold these deep beliefs within yourself and don’t really want to face them or admit them. And what we know about metaphysics: “All thought (even subconscious thought) produces experiences (results) at some level.” So, we tend to be “victims” or our Personal Lie without even knowing it!

Freedom From your Personal Lie is a joyous transformation from within. But you have to give the inner attention to this process of Liberation. What is stuck in the mind is also stuck in the body, in the very cells. Scientists like Bruce Lipton are even recognizing now that “cellular memory” is a real thing, and past traumas are actually stored in our cells.

Circular, deep and connected breathing helps us clear our Personal Lie.

Cellular memory of the Personal Lie needs to be neutralized and released. It is the deepest “weed” in the garden of our minds. It is the main thought that keeps us “separated” from our complete Joy and Goodness. We use circular, deep and connected energy breathing to release the “memories” of the Personal Lie. And—as A Course in Miracles would say—”Forgiveness is the key to happiness.” (Lesson #121) Without the willingness to forgive and let go of the past, we will just maintain the vibrational memories stuck in the mind and cells, and just repeat them in some other form—maybe even worse the next time.

Liberation Breathing® is just that—”liberation from the Personal Lie.” The breathing infuses your system with not only more oxygen, but also brings in more subtle energy of the Life Force to help you make clear changes. Yoga calls this Life Force the Prana of Life. In Hawaii they call it Mana. In A Course in Miracles, Jesus calls it the Holy Spirit. In Chinese philosophy they call it Chi. It is all the same thing. What is good about it—whatever you call it—it is a very palpable healing energy that clears your mind and the cells of your body from the Personal Lie. In combination with healing affirmations that you practice, received in the Liberation Breathing Session, you can get over your negative thoughts and their results. You can have more JOY and more effectiveness in Living!

Wouldn’t you want that?

You can book a one-on-one Liberation Breathing session Here  with us. Or if you really want to have fun while clearing your Personal Lie, join us on a journey to go deeply into Liberation Breathing® in one of the most beautiful Holy Settings on earth—BALI! We go every year on the BALI QUEST, December, 3-13, and we practice Liberation Breathing every day. It is a fast way to get in touch with your Personal Lie and get liberated from it. It is a fast way to enter into the realm of PURE JOY and live in your full potential. It is a fast way to have The ANSWER, which is healing the main problem in your life.