The person who “plugs you in” the most is your best “trainer.” 

Who is your Personal Emotional Trainer?  That is someone who challenges you. Some people are soft at that — and others push you to the max. They are making you stronger to learn more about love. Every challenge is to help you turn away from blame. Rhonda Byrne taught me this in one of her books I read long ago. I thought about it a lot, and I liked the term: personal emotional trainer.  (Page 179 in her book, The Power.) She calls them your “PETs.” You might want to judge this person. You might be provoked to feel revenge, anger and even hatred. But don’t fall for that. You don’t want to flunk the test.  Can you chose love when they come your way?  If you will see them as your trainers, it will help you with difficult relationships. If you go into a negative frequency over them you are losing. Can you let this person NOT affect you? Besides, you attracted them. You are not a victim at all.

Lately I have been watching some people go through a divorce. They want to fight. They want to drag out the fight. And it is getting very expensive, emotionally and financially, which makes them even madder@! When you separate from someone does it have to be a huge drama? If someone leaves, they were no longer best for you. Did you know that nothing it taken from you without it being replaced by something better? MOVE ON @! But the ego is addicted to conflict, and it will tempt you to keep fighting it out. This is very destructive. Get a mediator if you need to; but try to see this person as your teacher, your trainer, your guru.  Do you have any gratitude for what they taught you in that relationship?  Can you be forgiving right now?


Be Not Affected by The Externals. Forgive your personal emotional trainer.

If you don’t forgive you will just attract the same kind of person or situation later. Forgiveness is the way to erase your anger. Can you see that you “set them up” to behave the way they did? For some reason, you needed that behavior. That is, your unconscious called for it. This person is your personal emotional trainer. So drop the blame game as fast as possible. If you have children with that person, you are going to have to communicate , so you might as well get used to it and be decent about it.

Once I heard my minister say that we should not be affected by the external. “What a great idea,” I thought. I tried that for a whole year and it was wonderful. I flunked a few times, but it was a good training for me.

“I could see peace instead of this,” is Lesson #34 in A Course in Miracles. Do we want peace, or would we rather have the conflict in which we get to “feel hurt,” and “right?” Well, ACIM has this to say about feeling hurt: “I can be hurt by nothing but my thoughts.” (Lesson #181) It is not even the other person who “hurts us.” They just are the activators of our negative thoughts, which are already hurting us. They are just bringing these subconscious thoughts up for healing; they help us bring our subconscious to the conscious so we can cleanse our mind of the negative charges already in us.

So, all this is about responsibility. Our personal emotional trainer is our savior. This is made quite clear in Lesson # 78 of ACIM: “Let miracles replace all grievances.” Look into this Lesson #78, especially when it asks you to make the person who plugs you in the most your savior for the day:

“Let me behold my savior in this one

You have appointed as the one for me

To ask to lead me to the holy light in which

He stands, that I may join with him.”


Can you do it? Will you do it? I dare you.

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