What is your life purpose, or why are you here? What is life for?

Beginning on empty.

There are two lessons in A Course in Miracles that are very startling to the ego. Lessons #24 & #25 : “I do not perceive my own best interests.” and “I do not know what anything is for.” We are not used to this degree of our “knowing” being stripped away. We have spent a whole lifetime “knowing stuff,” and now Jesus is trying to get us to drop it entirely. Why does He do this? These are statements that prepare us to receive our Life Purpose.

There is a great deal of letting go in these lessons. Letting go is also an action of forgiveness: We are letting go of our “interests” and “knowings.” We are asking for our real purpose to be shown to us. It begins with forgiveness, because our perception is in error, and  nothing but a full release of “what we think we know” or “what we think is in our best interest” will get us in touch with our God-Given Purpose. These lessons put us immediately in touch with the Unknown, which our egos do not like. But this suspension of “knowing” is the space in which Heavenly Forces can enter. It is not of “thought.” It is of an emptiness of holiness beyond our understanding. It is a formless void and free of any self-imposed structure, out of which the God-Given can spring forth and be revealed.

Jesus wants us to begin on empty. What we have learned is so racked with contradictions about life and death, He wants us to start all over, clear our minds, and get back to a “clean slate,” so to speak. This is “beginning on empty.”

Can we do it? Are we willing?

Forgiveness gently looks upon all things unknown in Heaven, sees them disappear, and leaves the world a clean and unmarked slate on which the Word of God can now replace the senseless symbols written there before. (from Lesson #192)

Our Life Purpose is Pure Joy.

Recently we went to Budapest, Hungary, to do a Liberation Breathing Intensive in the thermal waters there. This is a process where you breathe with a snorkel under water while a buddy supports you, and you observe what comes up in your mind. Not only is it very relaxing, pleasurable and stress reducing to practice Liberation Breathing in the thermal waters, but the Divine Mother gave me prayers to teach each person that they can “breathe on” while submerged in the water.

The prayers are the antidotes to the negative thoughts we hold in our minds about ourselves and life, which make us out of balance and without a real purpose. The purpose of Life is to experience Pure Joy. I wrote a whole book about this, actually called Pure Joy. 

Life Purpose Budapest

Happiness comes when the mind is free. 

The Purpose of life is Happiness. Babaji said, the “formula for happiness” is Truth, Simplicity, Love and Service. Truth is honoring your word, being consistent, and connecting with the Joy of Life; Simplicity is living within your means, and being focused on the essentials in Life, such as nurturing your Spiritual Connection;  Love is being whole in the Oneness of all Creation, in a state of total forgiveness; Service is having something of your own to give—for in the giving are you making manifest your Divine Purpose for being here.

When the Mind is free of all other distractions, and this “formula for happiness” can be practiced seriously, then One’s Life takes on a tremendous purpose and function. You wake up in the morning refreshed and glad to be alive; you go to bed knowing you have given your day to the greatest amount of good you could put forth from yourself.

Liberation Breathing is a way of “liberating the mind” from distractions from your Pure Joy. It is a way of infusing your cells with more of the Life Force Energy that sustains the Cosmos. [Divine Mother] It is like taking a “cosmic bath.” You may like to try it. You can also do it out of the water, dry, just lying on your back. You can book a session with us here: BOOK A SKYPE SESSION


Awaken your purpose, now. 

You don’t have to wait to find out what your Life Purpose is. Ask yourself, “What makes me happy?” You could list 10 things:

  1. What makes me happy is writing books on Relationships.
  2. What makes me happy is having a neat apartment.
  3. What makes me happy is serving our clients.
  4. What makes me happy is teaching the LRT around the world.
  5. What makes me happy is practicing Liberation Breathing in all forms.
  6. What makes me happy is fashionable clothes.
  7. What makes me happy is reading truthful books.
  8. What makes me happy is relating to the Spiritual Masters, daily, moment to moment.
  9. What makes me happy is serving Babaji, Jesus and the Divine Mother.
  10. What makes me happy is my marriage to Markus.

Now, this is just a small portion of what makes me happy, but it is a good start to practicing my “vow of happiness.” You can sit down and write the 10 things that make you the most happy, and then proceed to give yourself those things,. You have to focus on them. What you give your attention to is what manifests. So give your attention to these things and HAPPINESS WILL MANIFEST IN YOUR LIFE. GUARANTEED! And this is your LIFE PURPOSE. It is as simple as that.


PS. Here are two of our students in Budapest. They look pretty happy to me in their Life Purpose

Life Purpose, Budapest 2