Receiving God’s Help to Solve a Problem

Very often we have asked for God’s help in removing a problem. Help never came and we became very disappointed and thought there was no God. It is not that God was not there or that God refused our request, however, but that we did not ask clearly. While we were asking for a problem to be resolved, the ego’s voice was urging us to hold on to it. In other words, we were giving a a double message.


You may have prayed for something you deserve but at the same time you had a subconscious thought (personal lie) like, “I can’t get what I want,” or “I am not good enough,” that was so strong it sabotaged your receiving anything. If your fear of letting go of those thoughts is too great, God will wait. The Holy Spirit will not add to your fear.

Your only real problem is the “personal lie,” which is your most dominant negative subconscious thought.  Unless you are a Spiritual Master totally liberated from negative thought, you have a “personal lie.” Many people do not even want to admit they have one. However, in order to receive the help of Universal Forces, you first have to clear this sabotaging thought.

You can just ask yourself simply, “My most negative thought about myself is ____________.” Then fill in the blank. What did you hear when you said that sentence?

For many it is “I am not good enough.” For a lot of Catholics it may be “I am not worthy,” because they had to say that in the Mass every time they took communion. For atheists it might be “I am alone.” Or “I am disconnected.” There are many personal lies. I have collected over 350 of them, and I am writing a new book about them.

In order to receive the help from GOD you deserve you must identify and forgive yourself of your “personal lie.” Only then can you receive the answers to your prayers that are consistent with grace and the Divine providence of JOY you deserve.

Once you have identified it, you can write affirmations like: “I forgive myself for ever thinking I am not good enough,” or, “God created me good enough, therefore I accept myself as God created me.” And also, let go of any neurotic benefits you may have got from hanging onto your “personal lie”. Like, “I am now willing to be fully in my power, instead of remaining mediocre with the thought ‘I am not good enough.’ ”