Everyone Has God-Given Strengths and Abilities to Awaken!

Understand your strengths and use them. Everyone has God-Given strengths and abilities. Everyone. The reason people might not find them and use them is they have been misdirected by parents, schools, families, and teachers to go in directions that do not suit them. Or, they are just plain lazy and do not want to be productive. These strengths may be sitting dormant, unawakened. You need to know your strengths. Here are just 20 strengths Markus and I came up with sitting here in a cafe in Budapest.

  1. Are you strong in this, or are you strong in that?
  2. Are you strong in leading other people, or are you naturally a “loner.”
  3. Are you strong in completing tasks well, and taking a thing all the way to the end?
  4. Are you strong in connecting people together?
  5. Are you strong in a craft or a skill? (Markus is great at painting)
  6. Are you strong in coming up with a solution when there is a problem?
  7. Are you strong in cheering people up and being an inspiration?
  8. Are you strong in surrendering to the highest thought?
  9. Are you strong in forgiving and letting go of grievances?
  10. Are you strong in making a difference?
  11. Are you strong in telling the truth when no one else will?
  12. Are you strong in just plain loving whatever it is your are doing in this moment?
  13. Are you strong in organizing things?
  14. Are you strong in staying happy when things don’t work out?
  15. Are you strong in communication?
  16. Are you strong in writing?
  17. Are you strong in originality?
  18. Are you strong with numbers?
  19. Are you strong in persistence?
  20. Are you strong in helping others?

Strengths - Sondra writing in Budapest

The more you soar with your strengths, the better your life will work. You can be conscious of your strengths. Awaken them by using them. God gave them to you. Do you see it that way? There is a lesson in A Course in Miracles that says, “God is the strength in which I trust.” (Lesson #47)  Do you trust your strengths are from God?

Successful people soar with their strengths. 

The thing about a strength is that it makes you good at something. And when you are good at something, you naturally succeed. Henry Ford, one of the most successful entrepreneurs in America, used his strength to transform our world. Born on a Michigan farm in 1863 to Irish (father) and Belgian (mother) parents, Henry had two valuable strengths: a penchant love of mechanics, and a fervent love for God.

His father gave him a pocket watch in his early teens. At 15, Ford dismantled and reassembled the timepieces of friends and neighbors dozens of times, gaining the reputation of a watch repairman. At twenty, Ford walked four miles to their Episcopal church every Sunday. Wikipedia[5]

By the time Ford was 51, he had created one of the most productive assembly lines for building cars that ever existed. In 1914 he produced and sold 250,000 Model T’s to the people for $360 dollars each. The landscape of society would never be the same. Henry Ford soared with his strengths: He loved mechanics and he loved his Creator (Who gave him his strengths.)

Relationships are about enhancing each other’s strengths.

Verbal acknowledgment works. “Focus on what is working.” A millionaire friend of mine told me that, and then he said, “Don’t ever forget it!” Combine passion with your strengths and you will produce a juggernaut of purposeful action. When I went to Babaji in India in 1977, He yelled at me, “GIVE A SPEECH!” I had no idea then I could write books or be a public speaker. But he awakened in me my strengths. He already knew my destiny, and I went on from there to write 22 books and give thousands of seminars on Loving Relationships. We have to enhance each other’s strengths.

Before I married Markus he had been painting pictures for 30 years, not selling too many of them. I saw his talent and asked him to paint the Spiritual Masters like Babaji, Jesus and the Divine Mother. Now his work is all over the world, seen by many, and he has sold scores of paintings. Visit his work, and see his strengths. Here he is painting “Babaji of Denmark” in Copenhagen. Now that painting is there blessing all of Denmark.

Strengths - Markus painting in Denmark

Are you happy about getting up? 

The first thing Markus and I do when we get up in the morning together is we make the bed. It sounds like a small thing, but it is a huge thing. We praise the day! We make the bed and bring order to the bedroom. We thank God for another round of strength to face another day and be creative, happy, and productive. Are you happy about getting up? This happiness to face the day is a strength, you know.

Recently we have been writing about and teaching to our students “the happiness vow.” Is the first thought of your day one of JOY, or a mild form of “dread?” Sometimes things do not go as planned, and do not work out in life. Is your strength to “let go and move on,” or do you dwell on the negative aspects of your life, on the things that “are not working?” It is important to dwell on the positive aspects of your life experiences. “Focus on what is working,” remember my mentor said. Otherwise you will just attract more things that are not working, more things to be unhappy about. Is that what you want?

Combine your strengths.

For Markus and me, the nature of our relationship is deep ease. We are together 24/7/365 for the evolution of our souls, and we know that. We are conscious about “ascending the ladder of holiness” together. Having a Divine Mission together is very important to us.  We travel around the world and spread the Good News to people, teaching great spiritual practices like Liberation Breathing and sharing wisdom we received from our Spiritual Masters. These strengths are available to everyone now in this internet age, which can uplift their lives and bring greater happiness. We focus on them, because they are working!

What could be better for us? We have combined our strengths in this relationship. Markus handles the logistics of our “road show.” I teach the LRT and Spiritual Quests which I love. Markus speaks on A Course in Miracles and created the Miracles for You: 1-Year Support Network  to help students apply ACIM. In the midst of it all we find time for our creative work as well: we write, paint, and meet people for private Liberation Breathing Sessions, in person and over Skype. We meet hundreds of people a year to change their perspective, increase their self-esteem, and help them to awaken their own God-Given Strengths!

This way the power of God’s Strength is enhanced in us. There is a line in A Course in Miracles, “nothing real can be increased except by sharing.” Basically, when you give your strengths away to serve others, they are increased.

What are your strengths? Write to me. I would love to get to know you and your strengths. We can help you find your God-Given Strengths in one Liberation Breathing Session over SKYPE. Why don’t you get clear and thrive! The world needs your strengths.

LOVE From Budapest,  SONDRA RAY !