Lately I’ve Been Thinking About Affirmations

FIFTY GOOD AFFIRMATIONS (Inspired by Rev. Michael Beckwith)

  1. I am alive with the light of God and a blessing wherever I go
  2. I am the living energy of Pure Spirit
  3. I take on the vibration of the most high now
  4. When my attention is on the Presence, I bring what I need into this dimension
  5. Every day I am going to be aware of the Presence
  6. My decisions are not made from lack, but from overflow consciousness
  7. I am fasting from that which would bring me down
  8. I am moving from the mundane to the miraculous
  9. What I want benefits others
  10. I wake up in the morning with my mind staying on the Spirit
  11. My consciousness vibrates with the Infinite Invisible supply
  12. I see what is glorious about others
  13. The Eternal fountain of Love showers its blessings on me
  14. I create Heaven wherever I am
  15. I am more interested in the vibration of God than my problem
  16. I am the answer. I stand as a divine exclamation point for what is right
  17. The cosmic good of God expresses as my life
  18. My stand for God has a big significance in the world
  19. I appreciate and celebrate each moment
  20. My conversations are always life affirming
  21. God is revealed through the generosity of my heart and the brilliance of my mind
  22. I gratefully say YES to good, YES to life and YES to my greatness
  23. I am getting better and better and better for the rest of my life
  24. I am in the frequency of newness. Behold, I make all things new
  25. I am a strong attractor field
  26. I invite universal wisdom to give me guidance now
  27. My Joy is the evidence of God
  28. My love is greater than my past. The best is yet to come
  29. I am liberated from conventional thinking
  30. I see the perfect divine blueprint in each person
  31. My body temple is made from genius mind
  32. I incarnated with the brilliance of the universe within me
  33. Lives are changed simply by my walking in a room
  34. I am willing to change according to new information
  35. I unhook from the agreement of mediocrity and make an agreement for excellence
  36. I step into the vibration of a Sage with no age
  37. I am here for something bigger than personal success. I am here for planetary success
  38. My life is a sacred practice of gratitude
  39. I have the sheer happiness of being alive!
  40. I release anything that would inhibit the flow of life
  41. I totally let go and let God
  42. I am willing to allow the shift to occur here
  43. I am an ambassador of the invisible dimensions
  44. God is asking me to do something—He has me on redial
  45. I have the intention of bliss and ecstasy
  46. I have an intention beyond reason
  47. If I am not happy, I am out of integrity with my soul
  48. I am available to only the highest and the best
  49. I don’t want to carry who I was five minutes ago into the future

Love, Sondra

What have you been thinking about lately? Share with me!