What are the ingredients for real change?

       We are happy that you are in our lives and are committed to taking the high road towards being all that you can be. This often takes a conscious willingness to change. 

       We hear our clients often ask, “There must be more to my life than this. There must be another way? How do I make a lasting change?” The benefit of this question is that it is a catalyst for real change.

  • The benefit of real change is that it frees you from old stale patterns and behaviors. 
  • The benefit of real change is that it offers you possibilities you never thought of before.
  • The benefit of real change is that it puts you in the present, not dwelling on the past.
  • The benefit of real change is that you gain new energy to create what you want.
       You may be saying, “My life is changing all the time, not always for the better. What would it take to have this ‘real change’ you talk about?”
       That is a great question!
       Like many people, both of us have been in marriages that did not work. The subconscious patterns of our families, our negative thoughts about ourselves and our mates got in the way. How do we overcome them?
       We need INSIGHT to guide us to another way. INSIGHT is the real “guidance system” for change.
       We have discovered THREE WAYS to open it up:
       INTROSPECTION means you are looking within at your thoughts, and your feelings, and taking responsibility for your results in your life that happen because of them.   Negative thoughts produce negative results. Positive thoughts produce positive results. Introspection helps you to identify the negative thoughts that are sabotaging you so you can CHANGE them. Only this results in lasting change that brings you real happiness.
       SPIRITUAL PRACTICES are numerous. But for the purpose of introspection, disengaging from activity and just sitting quietly and observing your own mind is the easiest way to introspect, and the most rewarding. Five minutes of meditation brings negative thoughts to the surface. “Oh, I didn’t call my mother, or take out the trash Etc. This “chatter” will dissipate after some practice, and when it does, you will notice loftier thoughts—”What I really want to do in my life is graphic design, and start my own business.” Or even loftier thoughts, “I really want to know my God created Self.” These are the gifts of Introspection.
       CLEARING THE PAST with LIBERATION BREATHING is a spiritual practice we discovered that helps us release the negative subconscious thoughts we are carrying around in our heads, preventing us from moving forward. These are also stuck in our cellular memory as well.  This is what causes disease. We need a way to clear them, shine the light of forgiveness on them, and let them go. LIBERATION BREATHING is a Spiritual-Mental-Physical bath that cleanses a person from all these negative memories that are “replaying” as problems and negative experiences.
OK, these are the basics.

Love, Sondra & Markus

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