The SUPERMARKET for a Meaningful Life (Includes Shipping & Handling)



SONDRA RAY & MARKUS RAY’S newest book.

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The SUPERMARKET for a Meaningful Life



Sondra Ray and Markus Ray team together in these times of the Great Sequester to give their solutions for navigating through life’s current challenges. THE SUPERMARKET for a Meaningful Life stocks the aisles with spiritual and mental food that you need to nurture yourself when many are experiencing a scarcity of resources.

What would you throw into the shopping cart of your life to give you Pure Joy? What food of wisdom would you stock the shelves with in your Spirit Pantry for a fulfilling life? What cleanser would you use to scrub your relationships clean of all conflict? What books would you read for enlightenment? What actions can you take in these times of rebooting your life that give you the certainty that things are OK?

What if there was THE SUPERMARKET for a Meaningful Life at your fingertips where you could fill your cart with the inner food you need? You can push your basket down the aisles of Art and Culture, Money and Abundance, Conflict-Free Relationships, Life Purpose, Gratitude and Encouragement, and Spiritual Healing. You will be sure to find the items you need to stock your shelves with the insights for a Meaningful Life.

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