Outside the Box with Babaji (Preorder Hardcover)

Outside the Box with Babaji (Preorder Hardcover)


Outside the Box with Babaji

by Sondra Ray

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Sondra Ray, “Mother of Breathwork,” gives herself weekly “rebirthing sessions” with Babaji, the “Yogi Christ of India.”

She says, “During the pandemic I gave myself weekly Liberation Breathing sessions, while asking Babaji to come and breathe with me. Often I would breathe for two hours straight. During these sessions it felt like Babaji was talking to me, and I wrote down what I heard. Some of the things I heard seemed to be my thoughts; but most seemed to be from Him. I did not leave my body and let Him take over. It was more like a merging with His mind. This book is a summary of the insights I received during the pandemic in these weekly Breathwork Sessions with Babaji.”

“My goal for you is to have Peace and Joy! My goal for you is to bring Babaji to you so you can experience Him as I do, and also have his protection. I want you to have His support now more than ever during these turbulent times. My goal is to save you time. It took me years to be able to understand these points. You can get them from Babaji and me, and make your life easier. You don’t have to take as long as it took me to learn all of this. Can we step back and let the Master lead the way? Are you ready? —Love, Sondra”

Outside the Box with Babaji is Sondra Ray at her best, coming through with Babaji’s message of “Truth, Simplicity, Love, and Service,” which she has undauntedly spread around the world for nearly 50 years now. Marianne Williamson says of her:

Sondra Ray is more than a woman…the word Goddess comes to mind.” 

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