The Sanctuary of Silence (Paper Book)

The Sanctuary of Silence (Paper Book)


The Sanctuary of Silence

by Markus Ray

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In The Sanctuary of Silence where Markus Ray is taking us in this book,

you can enter into this inner space of peace and quiet wherever you are, any time and any place. In the midst of these unpredictable times, everyone needs a way of disengaging from the dramas playing out in our world, and connecting deeply with the Silence within us. This book will definitely give you an experience of this deep inner peace. It will give you insights into a different way of perceiving things. It will introduce you to art in a way you may not have considered. It will enhance your awareness of the world around you. Enter The Sanctuary of Silence with Markus and be transported to a deeper dimension.

Markus Ray, author of Boundless Mercy and Odes to the Divine Mother, brings us his latest insights into achieving inner peace and joy in The Sanctuary of Silence.  Teacher of  A Course in Miracles and consort of author, Sondra Ray, Markus takes you to the place inside of yourself that already knows perfect peace- your God created Self. Have you ever sought a place in your life in which there was perfect peace? Have you discovered within yourself a sense of worth and beauty that transcends the world as we know it? We all have had “ah-ha” moments and times when a feeling of extreme well-being overcame us. There is a place in us where everything is possible, and we are in the flow of our purpose here. It is a place of deep fulfillment and unbounded Joy. There is a still and quiet place in us that is silent. You could call it our inner sanctuary.

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