Tirta Empul is one of the Sacred Sites on the Bali Quest.

Baptism in the Sacred Waters of Tirta Empul is synonymous with any other high rites of Spiritual Passage into awareness of your True Self. We take people here on the BALI QUEST every year, to bathe in these waters and to be cleansed of any negative thoughts and beliefs that may prevent them from living the life of immortal and divine perfection. Self-Realization is the perfection many of us seek in this Life, and Bali gets us closer to that purpose and practice.

The BALI QUEST is always from December 3-13, every year. We stay in very authentic Balinese Villas near Ubud, which is the Art and Cultural center of Bali. From here we travel out to sacred sites. We also practice Liberation Breathing daily in the villas, and participants get the opportunity to receive and give Liberation Breathing Sessions from us and the participants. All in all it is 11 days of Spiritual Immersion, on all levels.

Phil and Marleen in the Immortal Springs

Robert Coon, an immortalist I know, says Bali is where it all comes together. 

Robert Coon has written many books on Immortality, and he is a personal friend of mine. What he says is that all the Lay Lines of Energy on the planet converge in Bali, and Tirta Empul is one of the Sacred Sites in which these vortices of Energy are cleansed and rejuvenated. So this is the perfect cleansing for us too, and the people in Bali have known about this for over a thousand years. Tirta Empul dates back to at least 962 AD. And probably it was a sacred site long before the building of the structures and fountains.  But just imagine, for over 1000 years people have been coming here every day to be cleansed of their subconscious negativity. Pretty cool huh?

Sondra Ray in Tirta Empul

Another benefit of the Bali Quest is that we see the most incredible dance in the world !

The Legong Dance has also been perfected over the centuries in Bali. We make sure we take in a performance of this dance while on the Bali Quest. Included in the package, a performance at the Peliatan Village School of Sacred Balinese Dance is on the agenda for the trip. The movements are beyond anything you have ever seen. They put you into an altered state, like a Rebirth.

Legong Dance in Bali

The BALI QUEST is a Gift of A Lifetime.

You can be sure that inner transformation and the richness of this Divine Culture will be yours on the 11 days of the BALI QUEST. There is a $500 Early Registration Discount until September 1, 2019. You can be back to your home before the Holidays. And also with the experience of this Holy Home of Sacredness, you will make contact with the Sacred Self inside of yourself on the BALI QUEST. And this is the best Takeaway ever! Come and be our GUEST on the BALI QUEST !