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Join us! JULY 1-3, 2022

in TALLINN, Estonia  🇪🇪



A Liberation Breathing® Event

In Person

JULY 1-3, 2022



Take time out for a Spiritual Cleaning, Mastering your Mind with Spiritual Practices so you can: 

    • Understand How your Birth affects your Relationships in Life

    • Overcome your “Most Negative Thought” about Yourself

    • Be in your Power with Peace, not Anger

    • Live in your Innocence instead of nagging “Guilt”

    • Choose Love when you are feeling Fear

    • Commit your Relationship to be a “conflict-free” one 

    • Observe Family Patterns repeat in your Life

Healing The Birth Script: 

What were your parents thinking when you were conceived? Were you planned, or were you an accident—on a fun night with no birth control plan at all? Were you wanted as a boy, and you came out a girl? What was going on inside the womb when you were taking shape? Was your Mother eating well, or was she a toxic waste dump of nicotine, junk food, or even alcohol? Were your folks getting along while you were in the womb? Or were they having knock-down-drag-out fights every other night? Did someone close in your family pass away? Did Grandma “kick the bucket?” How did it feel “in there” getting bigger and bigger; did you feel trapped with “no exit terror?” When you were “coming out,” how was that? Did your head get stuck; were you backwards? Were you early, late, premature? When you came out, did the doctors cut your chord too soon, and throw you into a panic to take your first breath? Did they hold you upside down and slap you on the butt because you were not breathing?  Were you stuck in an incubator? put aside on a cold stainless steel table? Come on now guys—how did it feel when they circumcised your “little guy?” That could not have felt good. Painful and Scary! Then, were you stuck in a nursery, away from your Mom? No mother’s milk there. Did you even get breastfed? Hey you gals, did Dad say, “Damn, I really wanted a boy?” That probably was a blow to your self-esteem. Did your Dad even stick around? Was he having an affair? Working all the time? Not working at all and out of money? All of these factors are what we would call your “Birth Script.” And the trauma from these events affects your life and the decisions you make about your life —long into your adulthood.

SONDRA RAY is one of the first Rebirthing masters in the world who discovered and wrote about all of this “Birth Trauma.” She knows how to teach you this, and get you over it. Better than anyone else, most likely. Consider yourself LUCKY to get to work with her. Om Namah Shivay!

Join SONDRA RAY, the “Mother of Rebirthing / Breathwork” and her “twin flame” MARKUS RAY, presenter of A Course in Miracles, for this weekend of Breathwork & Deep Spiritual Cleansing.

There will be 3 Sessions of  Liberation Breathing®

Sondra Ray and Markus Ray present A Course in Miracles in a totally different way, along with Breathwork that helps people clear their hidden “shadows.” “Fear, Anger, and Guilt” are sabotaging our happiness until we remove them from our Mind.  Breathwork helps us do that, and having a spiritual practice like doing the Lessons of A Course in Miracles keeps us evolving into more joy. 

The weekend consists of various lectures, processes, and 3 Breathwork Sessions.  People will breathe on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 

Breathwork is a guided deep, circular breathing meditation that will help you release stress, concerns, tensions in the body, and help to integrate the subjects and processes discussed in the classes. Come and discover a Divine Connection to the Life Force, your Source Energy, and the Power of your Higher Self. The weekend can offer your these results: 

❖ Inner peace

Certainty of Your Purpose

Harmonious Relationships

Freedom from Negativity

Creative Inspiration

More Fun Per Hour

Inner Clarity

More Self-Care and Love

Original Innocence

Conflict-Free Communication

Courage to Face the Unknown

Sustained Happiness

Starting Times:







Sondra Ray and Markus Ray invite you to this Three-Day Liberation Breathing Weekend: “SPIRITUAL CLEANING: A LIBERATION BREATHING WEEKEND.”  Join them to clean out your old mind and have a new Mind of  Divine Connection. Awaken to a higher LOVE that will bring a greater sense of BOUNTY into your life. Welcome the Spring Solstice and be “rebirthed” into your Being as a Holy Child of God. Sondra & Markus will discuss the principles they use, and many more given to us in A Course in Miracles. They will help you integrate all levels in you with Breathwork. They will help you make contact with the Divine Mother. All this is through your own BREATH.

How can our BREATH clean our mental and physical bodies?

Come and find out!

Our BREATH awakens

with US

CONTACT: PILLE TALI; +372 5904 5023  pilletali@gmail.com


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