LEAMINGTON SPA LRT in UK with Sondra Ray

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Join SONDRA RAY, the “Mother of Liberation Breathing/Rebirthing,” and MARKUS RAY, speaker on A Course in Miracles, for this transformational weekend on Relationships in England’s marvelous town of Leamington Spa!

The Loving Relationships Training® is a proven, step-by-step process that shows you exactly how to create relationships of deeper connections and more spiritual intimacy. It shows you exactly what to let go of, and what you need to do to heal and maintain lasting and loving relationships – right down to the people you need to forgive and to be free of the past, so you can have the Love you want and deserve now!

The NEW LOVING RELATIONSHIP TRAINING® will save you decades of time in getting clear on what you want in your relationship. It also includes 3 Liberation Breathing/Rebirthing Sessions with International Teachers and Healers SONDRA RAY & MARKUS RAY in this transformational weekend in the beautiful Leamington Spa area of  England!

MAY 3-5, 2019

Friday 6PM – 9:30PM
Saturday 10AM – 6PM
Sunday 9AM – 6PM

$450 (350£) Early Registration until Midnight,  April 1, 2019,  For You Illustrious Singles… Who Can Get it Together EARLY!
Regular Single Price $750 (560£) after April 1, 2019.

$360 (280£)  Reviewers Price until Midnight,  April 1, 2019, People Who Have Taken the LRT in the Past 5 years… Receive a Discount!
Regular Reviewers Price $475 (355£) after April 1, 2019.

$255 (200£) Students under 25 years of age until Midnight, April 1, 2019. Regular Students under 25 price $360 (280£) after April 1, 2019

An Experiential Weekend on Relationships
With Liberation Breathing as the Catalyst for Inner Change & Healing

EPISODE HOTEL, Leamington Spa

64 Upper Holly Walk, Leamington Spa  CV32 4JL  UK

Lucy Pattinson – Head Coordinator
+44 7717 472425‬
EMAIL : info@rebirthwithlucy.co.uk

Samantha Pilbeam – Coordinator
+44 7885 480303‬
EMAIL : samanthapilbeam@me.com

Gregory Garrett – Coordinator
+44 7973 440906
EMAIL : greg@gregorygarrett.co.uk




Unlimited available
EARLY REGISTRATION (BALANCE DUE)$300.00EARLY REGISTRATION BALANCE DUE (Non Refundable) Approximately £225 GBP. Rates of exchange may vary.

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Unlimited available
NEW PERSON (Early Registration until April 1, 2019)$450.00NEW PERSON is someone who has not taken the LRT in the past 5 years; $450 USD is approx. £350 GBP. (Conversion rates may vary)

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Unlimited available
REVIEWER (Early Registration until April 1, 2019)$360.00REVIEWER is someone who has taken the LRT in the past 5 years; Early Registration price until April 1, 2019; $360 USD is approx. £280 GBP (Conversion rates may vary)

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Unlimited available
STUDENT under 25 yrs old (Early Registration until April 1, 2019)$255.00STUDENT under 25 years old; $255 USD is approx. £200 GBP; (Conversion rates may vary)

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