The New Loving Relationships

The New Loving Relationships


Revitalize what it means to be in a loving relationship. You are meant to be in heaven, here and now, with your mate.

This book is the roadmap for a new loving relationship in the 21st century which puts you there. Learn what it means to have a “conflict­free” relationship that is liberated from limitations. Learn what it feels like to be free of the old paradigms our parents were stuck in for years. Save decades of time and get clear that you deserve PURE JOY! in all of your relationships.

Get the basics, which are the beatitudes of gratitude that take you higher and higher.

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SONDRA RAY has been a pioneer for the New Thought movement since 1977 when she teamed up with Leonard Orr to spearhead “Rebirthing in the New Age.”  Their innovation of deep conscious connected breathing used to heal the mind of past “wounding” and ‘birth traumas” set them apart from mainstream psychology, and put them ahead of the curve in the clearing of “cellular memory” that keeps us stuck in negative family patterns and belief systems.

Now SONDRA RAY has introduced Liberation Breathing®, the “new yoga,” to the general public as the fastest way to put more Pure Joy in your life, and let go of past negative thought structures that are keeping you from being all you can be.  Join with her in exploring the keys to creating and maintaining Loving Relationships in all areas of your life.  Especially with yourself, your mate, your family, your colleagues, and your Divine Creator.

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Digital Download: 280 pages
Publisher: Immortal Ray Productions
Language: English

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