Odes to the Divine Mother ®

Odes to the Divine Mother ®


By Markus Ray 

Markus Ray is a visionary painter, poet and teacher.  He lives in Nashville, TN, with his wife, author Sondra Ray.  Together they offer seminars, virtual programs and Quests to sacred locations around the world, introducing thousands each year to Liberation Breathing®, The Loving Relationships Training®, and A Course in Miracles.

Markus is the coauthor of Liberation Breathing: The Divine Mother’s Gift.  His sacred paintings are featured at MarkusRay.com.

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The Divine Mother is that very Energy that removes the troubles of the world.  She is the creative force of the universe, the spark of life in all things, all matter, and all movement.  May you find the peace and perfect happiness, your Divine nature, promised unequivocally by the Divine Mother.  – Markus Ray

Through intimate portraits and inspired meditations, Markus Ray cracks open the sacredness in coffee cups, mountaintops, airports, and vistas to reveal a Source that is divinely feminine.  Infused with the essence of his lifelong study of A Course in Miracles, each page explores topics from ego and forgiveness to joy, Holy relationships, and Christ consciousness through daily dialogue with the Divine Mother.  A sacred stillness emerges as one’s consciousness opens – line by line – to the purity, power, love, and perfection that is the Divine Feminine.

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