Miralces with My Master, TARA SINGH

Miralces with My Master, TARA SINGH


TARA SINGH was guided and directly and ordained by the scribe of “A Course in Miracles”, Dr. Helen Schucman, to give workshops and instruct serious students of this sacred, self-awakening course for enlightenment.  His insights into the application of ACIM’s principles stand unrivaled, as written in “A Gift For All Mankind,” one of his major classics.

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Author MARKUS RAY comes forward in this book to transmit to you the many blessings he received from his teacher of “A Course in Miracles,” TARA SINGH.  This touching story of miracles, raising the dead, meeting the saints of India, is compellingly and openly told within.

MARKUS spent seventeen years studying with TARA SINGH, from Easter of 1989 to March of 2006, and describes him as, “my life teacher, my spiritual guide, my Master, and my friend.”

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Digital Download: 356 pages
Publisher: Immortal Ray Productions
Language: English

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