Lately I’ve Been Thinking – Powerful ❡ Posts for an Awesome Life

Lately I’ve Been Thinking – Powerful ❡ Posts for an Awesome Life


By Sondra Ray 

Relationships expert and spiritual mentor, Sondra Ray, brings her wisdom to Facebook with daily posts written over a period of two years.  These tidbits of advice uplift and enlighten us on many common life subjects – from finding your life’s purpose to discovering your formula for happiness.

Markus Ray, Sondra’s twin flame, compiled these short entries to bring you these powerful ❡ posts for an awesome life.

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Do you find yourself reading short snippets these days?  In the Facebook and Twitter millennium, sound bites and staccato posts hit the points of our attention like quick fixes of cappuccino stops at Starbucks.  A half a page is about all we can handle with our morning latte.  Here is a melange of morsels of wisdom to ponder over your morning brew.

With skill and prowess to get to the point in vernacular language, Sondra Ray brings us “Lately I’ve Been Thinking,” her essential commentaries on just about everything in life you will encounter.  For any age or gender preference, delve into these “Powerful ❡ Posts for an Awesome Life” and get your jitterbug juices flowing toward nirvana.

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