Alpha Omega

Alpha Omega


Do you ever have a “dialogue” with yourself?  Have you ever kept an ongoing journal of your everyday observations?  Is you “start” and “finish” so intertwined they meld into just one thing of Pure Joy?  ALPHA OMEGA is just that from MARKUS RAY – painter, author, and poet of “Odes to the Divine Mother.”

These journal entries from 2006 to 2009 form the basis of his commentaries on A Course in Miracles, his relationships with the Spiritual Masters, various life issues we all face, and his inner preparation to join with SONDRA RAY, his “twin flame”, with whom together form the duo of a Holy Relationship.  In this New Millennium made manifest, ALPHA OMEGA is a daily companion of freewheeling meditations, and a compendium of insightful tidbits that will tweak anyone’s awareness of the First and the Last lesson of the Absolute in our everyday life.

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MARKUS RAY and SONDRA RAY worldwide authors and teachers of Liberation Breathing / Breathwork, major voices of A Course in Miracles, expects on Holy Relationships, Guides for various Spiritual Quests to Sacred Sites around the world, continue their prolific output of written roadmaps to purposeful living.

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Digital Download: 466 pages
Publisher: Immortal Ray Productions
Language: English

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